Aliens and Sumerians, was there any contact?

Since scholars discovered it, the ancient Sumerian civilization has been a topic of debate for many years. According to folklore, the presence of ancient astronauts is said to have originated in ancient Mesopotamia. One of the earliest examples of “contact” between humans and aliens occurred here.

Several myths of miraculous encounters, gods, and technology that are a part of ancient Sumerian civilization indicate extraterrestrial visitation by aliens. No one knows if this was true historically, but informed individuals are certain that aliens “played” the role of gods.

Then the deluge came, and the kingdom fell from heaven again after the flood!

Our list of famous rulers starts with the phrase “After the kingdom fell from heaven.” Before the flood, there were five towns governed by eight fairy kings for at least 241,200 years. Legends continue to inform us that the water washed over all after the dominion of these five “antediluvian” towns.

The floodwaters washed over everything, and the monarchy (once again) fell from heaven. Kish became the seat of power between the Tigris and the Euphrates, and it symbolized the pinnacle of civilization at the time. The Sumerians had significant astronomical knowledge and were capable of doing computations with 15 digits, or quantities more than 100 trillion. Modern science is fascinated by how they were able to learn so much in such a short amount of time.

To put the Sumerian civilization in context with other ancient societies, the Greeks couldn’t count beyond 10,000 units. The Sumerians, who lived before the Babylonians, were the forerunners of modern civilization and culture.

However, there are some strange occurrences throughout Sumerian history. According to history, the first 10 Sumerian rulers lived for a total of 456,000 years, or an average of 45.6 thousand years each! Additionally, each Sumerian city was guarded by a “god.”

The countless clay tablets discovered in these remarkable locations tell of tremendous technology, incredible history, and a journey that defies archeological and historical calculations.

In Sumerian history, were there ever UFOs?

If you believe that the ancient Sumerians and UFOs are two separate entities with nothing in common, you are most certainly mistaken. It turns out that tales regarding contactees, UFO sightings, and flying saucers in the sky are not made up by science fiction authors. These are tales with deeper roots, emerging from the depths of time like warm currents of air.

Aliens and Sumerians, was there any contact?

The Ashurbanipal Library in Nineveh has ancient documents regarding King Ethan that point to a mysterious occurrence in the distant past. This is the story of King Ethan’s remarkable ascent aboard the “gods’ Flying Ship.”

In a UFO, a gorgeous girl travels to Earth. According to the Sumerian king’s list, Etana was the Sumerian king of Kish, and he reigned after the flood. The legend of King Ethan includes an incredible event in his life: as a shepherd, he climbed to heaven and saw all distant nations. Before his son acquired the kingdom, legend has it that he ruled for 1560 years (some versions indicate 635 years).

According to the Sumerian king’s list, the king is the thirteenth king of the first dynasty of Kish, which was established after the flood. “The one who climbed to heaven,” he was known as. According to Italian historian Alberto Fenoglio, King Etana lived some 5,000 years ago and was once summoned by a “god” and brought to the spacecraft of the “gods” as a guest of honor.

The ship, which was formed like a shield, landed behind the Royal Palace, surrounded by flaming whirlpools. Tall, fair-haired, dark-skinned men in white robes emerged from the ship gliding through the sky as though on water. They then asked the king to join them on a flying ship, and despite the fact that his surroundings strongly forbade him from doing so, King Ethan accepted the invitation and boarded the gods’… or should we say aliens’… ship.

Also, the counselors dissuaded Ethan, which was a reasonable response, dread of the unknown, particularly the gods who had fallen from heaven. Was the monarch really fearless and ready to respond to the people, or did he know who flew in the “starship”?

The ship climbed so high in a vortex of fire and smoke that the Earth, with its oceans, islands, and continents, seemed to be little more than a slice of bread, and then entirely transformed into a star.

King Etana visited the Moon, Mars, and Venus as a guest aboard the “starship.” King Etana flew above the city and landed, escorted by brilliant men who stayed as guests of the monarch, after a two-week absence, when the people of his country were already prepared to choose the new ruler, thinking that the “gods” had taken their former king to themselves.

In today’s world, a narrative involving “contacts” and “contactees” is not unusual. It’s hardly unexpected that one of the contactees describes how he climbed into space on an extraterrestrial spacecraft and observed the Earth the size of a golf ball. Even if they have never traveled to space, everyone nowadays understands what the Earth looks like and can “give out” a lot of information about the surrounding area. But what did they know about the spherical Earth and the seas as a lake back then?

The ufological account of Etana may be regarded as the earliest historical record of “contact.” The Sumerians were most likely the first people with whom aliens made contact. Otherwise, how could people at the time describe the launch and landing of a spaceship as “clouds of fire and smoke,” when the Earth’s inhabitants had no knowledge of such highly complicated devices? After all, couldn’t the genuine Gods travel in stench-filled spacecraft encircled by fire clubs, like we see in space technology today?

Aliens and Sumerians, was there any contact?

Furthermore, this is not the sole account of ancient civilizations’ lives. Almost all ancient global societies have comparable legends about “gods” visiting their leaders at the start of their growth. Now, the consensus on these tales is that our forefathers couldn’t describe aliens as aliens – in essence, regular citizens of a distant planet with advanced technology – so they turned visitors from space into “gods.”

The Sumerian civilization is sometimes referred to as the earliest civilization on Earth, which does not, in general, violate historical science’s sequence of events. Many proponents of the theory that alien intelligence not only exists, contacts humans, and, most likely, built human civilization and perhaps man himself, could not ignore such phenomena. The Sumerians and UFOs are a popular subject among many types of ufologists and advocates of the notion of mankind’s extraterrestrial origin.

Were humans created by extraterrestrials?

Active ufologists with a rich imagination created a completely harmonious, in their opinion, picture thanks to the free interpretation of Sumerian myths, the content of which scientists were able to familiarize themselves with after the discovery of Sumerian clay tablets and the deciphering of the cuneiform written on them. According to this narrative, humanity was created by the younger gods, known as the Anunnaki in Sumerian mythology, to aid in physical labor.

Aliens and Sumerians, was there any contact?

The Anunnaki, who dropped from the sky in stories, were aliens in their UFOs, according to supporters of the ufological idea. The aliens sought to extract as much gold as possible on Earth for some of their goals, since gold was likely scarce on their home planet (or worlds).

However, after discovering that extraterrestrial civilizations’ forces were insufficient to start gold mining in the requisite volume, the aliens opted to construct their own assistance. People who worked for the aliens in the mines were formed as a result of genetic experimentation using the monkey’s DNA. At the same time, these trials were far from effective, and monsters with a human body and the heads of diverse animals arose as a consequence.

People were purportedly slaves of aliens for a long period, which explains the formation of mythology about the reign of the omnipotent and terrifying Anunaki. After a time, the aliens ran into problems in their home country and were compelled to return home, leaving mankind to survive and flourish on their own.

True, even among ufologists, the above account of aliens creating humans as a free workforce with genetic experimentation is still regarded as extreme. Furthermore, she plainly misunderstands Sumerian mythology and contradicts previous Sumerian mythology studies.

Extraterrestrial aid

However, there is a more moderate form of the “Sumerians and UFOs” concept, which states that mankind did not most likely begin as a result of extraterrestrial intelligence and that the Sumerians constructed their civilization owing to extraterrestrial intelligence. In reality, in Sumerian mythology, the Anunnaki, the younger gods, were the ones who taught humanity everything that relates to the notion of “civilization.”

The Anunnaki, whom advocates of the accepted version interpret as extraterrestrials, taught the Sumerians land cultivation skills and concepts, crafts, building principles, and practical architectural techniques, as well as giving them writing and teaching them many sorts of art.

That is, it is assumed that aliens were the ones who created genuine humans from humanoid creatures. In this instance, the advocates of this theory’s primary arguments are three claims.

  • To begin with, there is the existence of “aliens from the sky” in Sumerian mythology, who play a significant part in people’s lives.
  • Second, there are enigmatic imagery in stories and drawings that many people interpret as depictions of spaceships and airplanes.
  • Third, the concept that the Sumerians’ scientific understanding and practical accomplishments in numerous sectors are equivalent to, or perhaps ahead of, the level of development of current science and technology is being vigorously debated.

On the other hand, Skeptics have a lot of doubts regarding these arguments. Many ancient peoples’ mythologies include supernatural creatures who dropped from heaven and delivered important information, although the ufological concept is only applied to a few. Images of “spaceships” have a wide variety of legitimate interpretations, and it’s odd that some of them resemble man-made rockets while others resemble flying saucers.

Finally, there is evidence in ancient Sumerian scriptures that the Sumerians made communication with aliens from the planet Niburu who traveled to Earth in the second millennium BC. According to the descriptions, this planet has a significantly extended orbit and goes through the solar system every 3600 years.

In the second half of the twentieth century, archaeologists and linguists produced findings that allowed the history of the Earth and past civilizations to be revised. Scientists discovered astounding evidence concerning extraterrestrial interference in the creation of humans and its influence on the evolution and culture of primitive peoples after researching thousands of manuscripts and astronomical data from the ancient Sumerian state.

Sumerian writings

Extraterrestrial culture and scientific knowledge have affected humans for hundreds of thousands of years. And it is to them that mankind owes its existence on the planet.

The gods flew from heaven in fiery chariots, able to go everywhere on Earth in a short period and even to the stars, according to Sumerian and Akkadian scriptures. They occasionally brought a small group of people with them, showed them our world from space, and sometimes even took them back to their home planet. According to legend, a deity with a golden hat riding a “black bird” came to Sumerian monarch Gudea and issued the command to begin constructing a structure for her. Other gods guarded the structure once it was finished so that plain mortals wouldn’t be caught in the torrent of fire during the takeoff and landing of this bird.

The Sumerians referred to them as “black birds” – MU. “MU, they soared up into the sky like lightning, and like a large blaze went into the sky,” wrote the king of the Sumerian city of Palash. The illustrations on the Sumerian and Hittite tablets portray things that seem like current space rockets standing on launch platforms and in flight against a starry backdrop.

The kings of Crete used these designs on their seals. They discovered a tablet with the picture of a big rocket, next to which are portrayed the symbols of the moon and certain stars, during excavations in ancient Canaan, near Jerusalem.

Aliens and Sumerians, was there any contact?

An artifact in the shape of a pyramid, known as “ben-ben,” was worshiped in a particular temple in ancient Egypt. Legend has it that the gods soared on it, the Anunnaki, the gods of the lowest order. The Nephilim were in charge of the Anunnaki. They gave them directives on how and where to construct landing places for their spacecraft on Earth. The ships of the Nephilim were given the name NARU, which means “chariots spewing lightning” by the ancient peoples of Babylon and Akkad.

According to Sumerian literature, Gilgamesh, the king of the city of Uruk, was only a third man and two-thirds deity. Gilgamesh once traveled to the planet of the Nephilim on a “chariot of fire,” but as the spacecraft soared far into the sky and he observed from space how the great sea had changed into a little puddle, panic gripped him, and he started to beg the Anunnaki to return him to Earth, which they did.

In the mines, tablets depicting space rockets were also discovered during the excavations. A sphere is connected to a cone at the rocket’s apex. The rocket is depicted in section, and it can be seen that it has two hulls (outer and inner). Circular bulkheads separate the buildings. The ship’s sections are connected via corridors. Figures with levers in their hands in one of the compartments in the head part.

There is still plenty of evidence that the Sumerian gods possess spaceships. The celestial gods imparted great knowledge about space, the Earth, the solar system, and the most significant planet – Nibiru – their homeland to the ancient Sumerians. The gods reigned for 120 balls, according to the decoded texts. One ball represents Nibiru’s rotation around its star.

Aliens first visited our planet 432 thousand years ago. When aliens first arrived on Earth some 100 thousand years ago, they launched a genetic experiment with primitive humanity. And a new species emerged, differentiated by the capacity to engage in intellectual behavior that could be controlled and steered along the evolutionary route.

And roughly 4000 years ago, our civilization started to expand quickly. The aliens picked the rulers from the most advanced and brilliant humans, who then worshiped them as gods. The ships of the gods are well described through images on Sumerian clay tablets and explanatory pictograms. According to Sumerian astronomical tablets, the solar system had 11 planets in 4400 BC. Nibiru, the home planet of the Nephilim and Anunnaki, is also pictured adjacent to it.

The Sumerians and the Cosmos

The Sumerian astronomical word OAK is equivalent to a 360-degree circle. Professor H. Hilprecht of the University of Pennsylvania determined that the Sumerians were aware of the big cosmic cycle, which lasts 25,920 solar years. In ancient books, the Sumerians explained how the asteroid belt formed between Mars and Jupiter.

Aliens and Sumerians, was there any contact?

The Sumerians named a planet called Tiamat, which was bigger than Mars. However, 174 thousand great cycles ago, the planet Nibiru crossed the orbit of the planet Tiamat, which the Nephilim eventually destroyed to avert the collision.

Are numerous eyewitnesses on our globe linking UFO sightings in our time to aliens from the planet Nibiru? Aren’t their spacecraft visible in space, in the Earth’s atmosphere, and beneath the water to Earthlings? Perhaps they are astounded at the progress of our civilization during their absence. And the mysteriously flying objects will no longer be unidentified any time soon…

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