Does Master KG take advantage of Makhadzi?

Makhadzi, a rising star in South African music, is undoubtedly one of the country’s least contentious performers. This is why she has a large following of devoted supporters who strongly protect her.

Makhadzi has a reputation for being humble and kind, and she has managed to form an online family. Her supporters keep a close eye on her at all times and provide her advice. They just warned her to be wary of Master KG, who seems to have returned to her life in full force.

Is Master KG making use of Makhadzi? Many admirers think this of the South African music sensation who just secured a lucrative deal with Kicks Sportswear SA for more than 6.9 million euros. After much ink was spilled over their romance, the two singers parted up in 2020. According to both parties, they had no major issues and had agreed to split peacefully in order to concentrate on their jobs.

Many internet users assumed that the Jerusalema hitmaker had ditched Makhadzi because he had grown into a worldwide musician and felt a step above her. Master KG attended a performance with his ex-girlfriend a few weeks ago and even kissed her in public.

Many onlookers were perplexed by the event. Now, videos of the two of them in the studio together have surfaced. As a result, the Web was re-ignited.

Master KG and Makhadzi
Master KG and Makhadzi

Makhadzi broadcasted their session live on the internet, and they both seemed to be much too relaxed. She even did a lap dance for Master KG in one of the recordings.

Fans logically deduced that the videos implied they were back together. Despite claiming that they are merely very close friends, Makhadzi admirers encourage her to be cautious of Master KG, whom she perceives as an opportunist.

Some fans have speculated that Master KG is returning to Makhadzi to spend the 6.9 million euros remaining on her contract with Kicks Sportswear SA.

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