Down at work! How to motivate yourself

Everyone knows the state when you cannot bring yourself to sit down for an essential or urgent task. Pull it off to the last and end up doing it in stress and complete dissatisfaction with yourself.

These tips will come in handy on those days when you have lost motivation for your favorite job and do not know where to find it.

Take some time to practice them, and you will see how to get to work with renewed vigor.

These tips to motivate yourself to work


Take a few minutes to paint the moment when you have already finished the work. Try to get used to the role of yourself well in the future. What are you doing, what others are doing around you, how do you feel.

Feel a sense of satisfaction for what you have done. Have you presented? Now get to work right away. As a rule, this helps increase your performance, and it does not matter whether you are doing physical or intellectual work.

Don’t do anything

Down at work! How to motivate yourself

Indeed, we were not mistaken! Do nothing at all for 10 minutes. Do not look into the monitor or TV screen. Don’t even look out the window or talk to anyone. It is best to go to a secluded area and stand there. Soon you will feel the body itself requires work.

Encourage yourself

Down at work! How to motivate yourself
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It is delightful when someone praises the work done. It inspires and gives strength to work even better. What if your boss is stingy with compliments? Why not compliment yourself on your own.

For example, schedule a time when you have to complete a task and promise yourself some reward for completing it on time. It can be a favorite treat, a 10-minute break for communication with colleagues, or a little time for new articles on the Info website.

The main thing is to promise yourself something for which you want to do this job faster. Do not forget to assign yourself a punishment for not completing the task on time. For example – A drive home without music or an evening without your favorite TV show.

Envy is the best motivator

We are not talking about black envy, which pushes people to various unpleasant and thoughtless actions. It is about a feeling that makes you think: “- How am I worse than him/her?”. And do your job perfectly.

Look at your colleagues. Which of them just recently finished some business? Who is successful? Who would you like to compete with today and prove to yourself that you are better?

Have you chosen an opponent? Get started! Prove to yourself that you are better and capable of more than anyone else around you.

From big to small

Why can’t you find the strength to work? Maybe your assignment is so voluminous that you don’t even know how to approach it? Divide it into small sections, start with the easiest, and gradually reach the last – the most challenging work stage.

Your best bet is to make a small plan that will write down everything you need to do to get to the end. Try it, and you won’t even notice how you complete your big task, even earlier than initially planned.

These are tips to help you pull yourself together and get the job done. Finally, we want to remind you that social networks and constant calls and messages from friends and family distract us from performing our work duties.

Make sure you don’t get distracted by constantly answering someone. Maybe you just get knocked down all the time.

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