DRC: Gov. return Congolese chained and wearing diapers back to United States (VIDEO)

The inhumane treatment of six Congolese refugees who were expelled from the United States provoked outrage after the publication of videos and photos.

It was discovered that Congolese refugees were chained and forced to wear diapers to prevent them from using the toilet.

Some testified that they spent 30 hours while others over 20 hours in this registered jet “N7176S”.

Saul Mbenga, a Congolese human rights activist, shared the video and wrote;

A bad image for the United States is emerging in Africa !!!

Inhuman treatment of deported people to remind many people of slavery and racism. It’s a shame! Please, deport the unwanted with dignity. You do not have to chain people like that. I am saddened by these images. The United States has deported Congolese refugees (DRC) handcuffed and wearing diapers to prevent them from using the toilet. On arrival in Kinshasa, the Congolese Minister of Human Rights ordered the same private jet to return them to the United States and the government filed a complaint for human rights abuses by the US government…


The Congolese Minister of Human Rights reacts in a statement

The Minister of Human Rights, Mrs. Mushobekwa, boarded the US plane to inquire about the situation, along with the head of the Directorate General of Migration (DGM) who alerted the Congolese authorities.

She said in a statement to the press:  “These compatriots came handcuffed, chained to the ankles and hips like slaves with two Zambian citizens, they even had to wear diapers so they could not get up to go to the bathroom.”

“It is for this reason that we refused to welcome these Congolese and decided to return the plane that departed with its passengers,” said Ms. Mushobekwa.

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