Drugs, fraud and attempted murder: these celebrities flew in the cell

The police in Hollywood have been very busy lately: Susan Sarandon was arrested during a protest against President Trump’s expulsion policy, and actress Heather Locklear was just officially charged after attacking a policeman and an ambulance brother in a drunken mood and they are by no means the only celebs who were ever in prison for their crimes.

Who? Reese Witherspoon
Crime? Driving under the influence and defiant behaviour

The American actress Reese Witherspoon and her husband Jim Toth were arrested in 2013. Their car was then set aside after an agent noticed that they were not able to drive within the white lines of their track section. However, Reese did not agree with that: she stepped out and expressed her frustrations. “Do you know my name?” She said, according to the agent. Her husband had to take an alcohol test and it appeared that he had obviously drunk too much. He was arrested because he was drunk behind the wheel and she because of her rebellious behaviour.

Who? David Bowie
Crime? Drug use

David Bowie was arrested in March 1976 after being caught smoking cannabis. The singer was 29 years old and was in Rochester, England together with Iggy Pop and two other music lovers. After a few hours behind the bars to sober up, he was allowed to leave the prison again.

Who? Justin Bieber
Crime? Driving under the influence, driving without a valid driver’s license, drug use, recalcitrance

Justin Bieber was arrested in 2014 in Miami, USA. In the city, the singer was taken by the police to the drunk driving office and to participate in street races. The singer drove twice as fast as was allowed. A spokesperson for the police also said that Bieber had admitted to have smoked marijuana all day, to have taken antidepressants and to have drunk beer. Bieber also resisted during the arrest, and the agents also discovered that he was in possession of an expired driver’s license.

Who? Khloe Kardashian
Crime? Driving under the influence, violating conditions

Khloe Kardashian was arrested for driving under the influence in March 2007, and later got up to 30 days in prison for violating the conditions imposed on her. Because the prison was overfilled, she eventually spent barely 3 hours behind the bars. Funny detail: her sister Kim Kardashian and mother Kris Jenner have framed a copy of the arrest photo and hung it in their house.

Who? Martha Stewart
Crime? Acting with inside information, obstruction of the court, making false statements

The American businesswoman and TV figure Martha Stewart had to go to prison for insider trading in the summer of 2004 for five months. The lifestyle guru had sold more than $200,000 in shares from a pharmaceutical company just a day before a federal regulatory agency refused to approve a new drug. She also lied to the researchers, so there was obstruction of the court and false statements. “I’ll be back”, said the household queen’ combative when she was arrested.

Who? Paul McCartney
Crime? Drug possession and drug smuggling

Paul McCartney was arrested on 16 January 1980 at Tokyo airport in Japan after the customs had found marijuana in his luggage. Although Beatle insisted that it was for personal use, but the number of drugs large enough to hold him also for smuggling. McCartney spent nine days in a police cell and was expelled from Japan. His planned tour through the land of the Rising Sun was cancelled.

Who? Paris Hilton
Crime? Driving under the influence, driving too fast, driving without a valid driver’s license

Paris Hilton was arrested at eleven o’clock on February 27, 2007, when she was driving on Sunset Boulevard without lights and too fast. When it appeared that her driver’s license had already been withdrawn due to drunken driving, she confiscated her car. Hilton had to go into prison for 45 days, but the authorities decided to cancel half of the sentence in advance for good behaviour. After 23 days behind the bars of a special ward in the prison, destined for police officers, government officials, celebrities and other VIPs, she was released.

Who? 50 Cent
Crime? Drug trafficking, prohibited weapons

Curtis Jackson, or 50 Cent, started with the decay of hard drugs as a child. In 1994, however, he ran into the lamp: he was arrested because he tried to sell cocaine to an agent who was working undercover. Thereupon his house was searched, where also heroin and forbidden weapons were found.

Who? Lindsay Lohan
Crime? Drink and drug abuse, traffic violations, aggression, theft

Lindsay Lohan has already misunderstood a lot. The ‘Mean Girls’ actress was arrested four times in 2007: driving under the influence, causing an accident under the influence, driving without a valid driving license and drug possession. In the following years she also came into contact with the court several times: she crawled back on the wheel, did not stick to the conditions, and sent her cat to court to attend the Cannes Film Festival. Also stealing an expensive necklace and attacking a woman in a nightclub in New York are on her criminal record.

Who? Jane Fonda
Crime? Disrupt the order

Jane Fonda was arrested in 1970 to disrupt the order. After an argument against the Vietnam War she was arrested at the airport in Cleveland, where she was caught with hundreds of pills in her pocket. Because of the large quantity, she was also charged with drug smuggling, but the complaint was rejected when it turned out that it was about vitamins and prescribed drugs.

Who? Nicki Minaj
Crime? Prohibited possession of weapons and theft

In 2003, when Nicki Minaj was 20 years old and a waitress, she was arrested in New York for banned gun possession. It was suspected that she had obtained the weapon illegally, and that she was about to use the weapon in a criminal activity. She was also arrested for shoplifting.

Who? Matthew McConaughey
Crime? Drug possession and recalcitrance

Matthew McConaughey was found naked in 1999 by the police. The neighbour of the Oscar winning actor had complained about noise pollution, and when the services arrived they found McConaughey dancing naked and playing bongos. They fell in and found a large amount of marijuana. He was arrested for drug possession and rebellion because, according to the agent, he refused to put on a pair of trousers and gave him a push. McConaughey spent a night in prison, pleaded guilty and was fined.

Who? Macaulay Culkin
Crime? Drug possession

Macaulay Culkin was also arrested in 2004 for possession of marijuana. The ‘Home Alone’ actor also had medicines in his pocket that he was not allowed to possess without a prescription. He ran into the lamp in the state of Oklahoma when a car in which he was a passenger was set aside because of a speeding violation. 17 grams of marijuana were found, as were the drugs for anxiety attacks and epilepsy. The actor is released on bail after payment of $4,000.

Who? Hugh Grant
Crime? Sex crime

1995 was the year in which Hugh Grant was caught in his car with prostitute Denise ‘Divine’ Brown. The actor had picked up the prostitute at half past two on Sunset Boulevard in Los Angeles, unaware of the fact that he was being chased by the vice squad. When he was caught with her in the car, he was arrested for lewd actions on the public road. His then-wife Liz Hurley could not laugh about it.

Who? Jay-Z
Crime? Attempt to murder and possession of weapons

Jay-Z was arrested in 2001 near a nightclub in Manhattan on suspicion of prohibited possession of weapons. The police found a loaded firearm in a car in which, in addition to Jay-Z, three men were seated. In that year the American rapper was also held for some time for attempted murder: he would have stabbed a representative of a record company.

Who? Bruno Mars
Crime? Drug possession

The ‘Uptown Funk’ singer was arrested in Las Vegas in 2010 when he was caught in the toilets of the Hard Rock hotel with cocaine. “I was young, and I was in Vegas. I did not consider the consequences,” he said in 2016 about his actions. He added that the incident still makes him think about “one day you can collapse”.

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