Dubai: A man divorced his wife 15 minutes after their marriage

A shocking incident occurred during a wedding in Dubai as the couple divorced fifteen minutes after getting married.

According to several sources, the groom reportedly filed for divorce after a disagreement with his father-in-law. The bride’s father insulted her by demanding the dowry at the wedding ceremony.

The groom was to pay the sum of 100,000 dirhams (about 23,000 euros) as a dowry. It was found that he had agreed to pay half the amount after the signing of the marriage certificate and the other half later but the bride’s father got impatient and asked the other half during the wedding time.

The family and friends of the couple at the wedding were shocked when the groom filed for divorce. He says he felt insulted by his father-in-law’s demands.

“He felt insulted and embarrassed by the demands and cancelled the marriage fifteen minutes later. He told the bride’s father that he no longer wanted his daughter as a wife,” says the lawyer in charge of the case.

Although strange, this is not the first time a couple has separated just after getting married. A similar incident occurred in Dubai in 2012, when a man divorced his wife a few minutes after their marriage because his father-in-law had asked that his daughter be allowed to work after the wedding.

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