El Paso attack: Mexico rejects ‘hate discourse’ and ‘white supremacy’

Mexico has sent a diplomatic note to the United States today rejecting the “hate discourse” and the concept of “white supremacy” or white superiority. The North American country is reacting to the suspected terrorist attack on Saturday in El Paso, where a shooter shot 22 people, including 8 Mexicans.

In the document, Mexico asks the American embassy to better exchange information about “individuals” or “possible organizations that advocate white supremacy and can put Mexican citizens at risk”. “Hate discourse has no place in our society. The concept of ‘white supremacy’ goes against peaceful cohabitation (…). These ideas only lead to dangerous discord and violence.”

Since the allegedly racist-inspired attack on Saturday in a supermarket in El Paso, Texas, US President Donald Trump has received fierce criticism. The president himself regularly talks about an “invasion” of the US by migrants from Central America. The main suspect of El Paso mentioned in his manifesto that he published online about an “invasion of Hispanics”.

In the note, Mexican diplomacy does not refer directly to the controversial statements by the US President about migrants. The wish is expressed that the conviction of Trump of the shooting in El Paso translates into concrete action.

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