Elon Musk: “Tesla starts taxi service with self-driving cars”

Tesla is already starting next year with the rollout of a taxi service with self-driving cars in some states in the United States. Tesla CEO Elon Musk promised this during an investor day.

The introduction would be much earlier than that of competitors. Musk is known for its ambitious deadlines, which are not always met.

The electric car manufacturer unveiled a new microchip that allows a car to drive without a driver. According to the top executive, investments in self-driving cars are currently the most important cost for Tesla.

Musk claims that his company is currently the only car manufacturer with technology that allows cars to drive fully autonomously.

Several car builders and technology companies such as Google sister company Waymo, Mercedes parent company Daimler and taxi service provider Uber are also working on self-driving cars.

Connoisseurs say that it can take years before vehicles can safely drive on roads without any human intervention.

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