Elongated skulls: could aliens from Sirius conduct genetic experiments on the ancient Egyptians?

Egyptian long head, elongated skull, or the egg-headed pharaohs! Could that be that aliens from Sirius conducted genetic experiments on the ancient Egyptians?

Pyramids are far from the only mystery of ancient Egypt, fueling thoughts that there may not have been without the intervention of extraterrestrial forces.

And the pharaohs? At least some of them looked quite suspicious in that sense. Especially Akhenaten is the probable father of the famous Tutankhamun and the husband of the no less famous Nefertiti. An elongated face with a snake expression, the skull is an egg, the occipital part is strongly drawn back. The capacity of this skull is one and a half times more than that of ordinary people. Fingers are like spider paws—feet like flippers, and women’s breasts.

Egg-headed egyptians
Egg-headed egyptians

This is how his contemporaries portrayed Akhenaten. And they don’t seem to be distorting reality. The remains of the pharaoh, discovered back in 1907, were badly damaged. Scientists are still not one hundred percent sure whether they really belong to Akhenaten. But the skull, more or less preserved in the sarcophagus, looks rather bizarre for a person – a huge bent egg.

“This skull really struck me,” said the famous Egyptologist, Professor Donald Redford. And he promised to organize a thorough study of it.

Doctors’ diagnosis

Many ancient peoples portrayed Lizard-like creatures. Where did such obvious deformities come from? To begin with, pathologists tried to answer this question, and they reported their findings at a recent conference. Meetings of this kind are organized annually by the Medical School of the University of Maryland, dedicating them to the “case histories” of various historical figures.

At one time, Napoleon, Mozart, and even Alexander the Great were examined here. Now the object is Akhenaten (aka Amenhotep IV Waenra Neferkheperura), who lived more than 3500 years ago.

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Akhenaten is great and terrible

Elongated head of Pharaoh Akhenaten
Elongated head of Pharaoh Akhenaten

According to Irwin Braverman of Yale University, genetic abnormalities disfigured the appearance of the pharaoh. But here’s what’s weird. The scientist discovered manifestations of several mutations at once. Akhenaten could suffer from Marfan’s syndrome, which lengthens the limbs, the face, makes the fingers spidery. Klinefelter’s syndrome, which causes the body to produce an excessive amount of the female sex hormone, has led to gynecomastia – the appearance of large female breasts. Frolich’s syndrome provoked fat deposits on the buttocks and thighs according to the female type. Well, the head stretched out from the fact that Akhenaten’s skull bones fused early in childhood.

Visitors from Sirius

Ufologists, as expected of them, believe that Akhenaten’s genetic abnormalities are the result of experiments carried out, of course, by aliens. Namely, some lizard-like creatures that flew to Earth from the Sirius region. Mentions of them are found among many peoples, including the Egyptians, Sumerians, and Dogon.

Of course, the aliens – the Masters of the Waters, as the ancient people called them – were unlikely to have direct sexual contact with the inhabitants of the Earth. Most likely, they were engaged in artificial insemination, introducing their genetic material into human eggs. Similarly, modern scientists are experimenting with crossing humans and animals, producing chimeric embryos.

Ancient Egyptians with an elongated skull
Ancient Egyptians with an elongated skull

Current experiments have not yet reached the appearance of live hybrids. But advanced aliens could well bring the experiments to such a stage. An example of which, according to ufologists, is Akhenaten and many others, whose huge elongated skulls are found all over the world. To get the latest stories, install our app here

DNA analyses from Akhenaten’s remains could put an end to the dispute. Braverman and Redfod hope that their research will be of interest to the Egyptian authorities, and they will give permission for experiments.

Ancient Egyptians with long head
Ancient Egyptians with long head

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