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Dogon people of Mali, the most mysterious people in Africa

Africa is a continent full of beauty, and its beauty can be seen through its places and people. Dogon people of Mali are among the amazing people of Africa.

Dogon people of Mali have a unique lifestyle and culture, and we get to learn about their lives through the knowledge and experiences of the mysterious Dogon people.

The Dogon are an ethnic group indigenous to Mali in West Africa, and they number about 600 000, and the majority of them live in the rocky hills, mountains, and plateaus of the Bandiagara escarpment.

Dogon people of Mali, the most mysterious people in Africa
The people of Dogon celebrating their culture

They are mainly agricultural people, but they also specialize in metalwork and leatherwork, but they are best known for their religious traditions, their masks, food and sculptures, and architecture doggone religious life is quite a mystery.

Every 60 years is a ceremony called the Sigui, which occurs when the star Siria appears between two mountain peaks. Before the ceremony, young men go into seclusion for three months, during which they could only talk in a secret language.

Dogon people of Mali, the most mysterious people in Africa

The general ceremony rests on the belief that some 3000 years ago, amphibious beings from Siria visited the Dogon people. Several authors have claimed that Dogon traditional religion incorporates details about extrasolar astronomical bodies that could not have been discerned by the naked eye.

The idea has entered the new age and ancient astronaut literature as evidence that extraterrestrial aliens visited mali in the distant past.

Dogon people of Mali, the most mysterious people in Africa
Some Dogon masks

The Doggone culture is quite mysterious, with a lot still to be discovered. Unfortunately, the Dogon culture has been heavily affected by the attraction of economic opportunities abroad.

Many are times when a young man becomes of age, he leaves his village to make some money in the city, this has led to the steadily decreasing of population amongst these fantastic people.

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