Enjoy the hot pack of Esperanza Gomez on Instagram [Photos]

The actress Esperanza Gomez delights her faithful followers with burning publications in which she leaves a lot to the imagination, despite constantly challenging censorship on Instagram and this time was no exception.

The high temperatures in Instagram surely burst the thermometer of the fans, who had the happiness of appreciating the model Esperanza Gómez, as God brought her into the world in her new pack. In one of her most recent publications, Esperanza Gomez was seen reclining on a sofa and wearing only glasses, focusing her attention on her intense nakedness.

In the image, the prominent melons of the beautiful actress Esperanza Gomez were observed, without forgetting that the game of lighting in the room created some censorship in the intimate zone of the star. One fact that caught the attention of netizens is that she seems that Esperanza Gomez likes to have her intimate area clear, without any hair that covers the ‘forbidden fruit’ for comfort.

The explosion of flavour continued when the actress Esperanza Gomez said that she had some cold while modelling in the natural, so she did not hesitate to ask the support of the fans to find that gentleman to warm her up.

The publication of Esperanza Gómez asking for a night of passion with some lucky person while she rolled the pack was credited to more than 204 likes and different points of view in less than 24 hours.

What would you do with Esperanza Gómez if you found her on your bed?

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