Epstein’s injuries “are more consistent with murder than suicide”

Jeffrey Epstein’s injuries are “more consistent with murder than suicide.” Says a lawyer of the American millionaire who died on August 10, who was accused of pedophilia and risked 45 years in prison.

Epstein was found dead in his cell in a New York prison on August 10, where he was detained on suspicion of setting up an underage trade with also victims. According to the coroner, the 66-year-old suspect killed himself.

But defense attorney Reid Weingarten, during a hearing yesterday, expressed his “skepticism about the certainty” of hanging suicide and concluded the sensational claim that Epstein might have been murdered and thus not committed suicide. That deduced the lawyer from the nature of the injuries to Epstein’s neck.

According to two sources from the Washington Post, the autopsy showed earlier that Epstein had some broken bones in his neck. One was the tongue bone, with Adam’s apple, which, according to Weingarten, is more likely to occur with victims who are strangled than with suspension.

Shortly before his death, during a conversation with Weingarten, Epstein also seemed “not desperate, despondent, or suicidal.” Weingarten, therefore, appealed to the court for an independent investigation into Epstein’s mysterious death.

Public prosecutor Maurene Comey countered this with the argument that an investigation is still ongoing. She added that the purpose of the hearing was to let Epstein’s victims speak so that they could close the case now that the charges against the deceased billionaire have been dropped.

Epstein was found half unconscious in prison on July 23 and has since been under suicide watch. That was revoked after about a week. Before he died, it was hours ago that guards had checked him out, and according to the regulations, this had to be done every half hour.

According to The New York Times, two guards on duty fell asleep. Epstein also had no cellmate, which was also an infringement of the standard procedure. This soon gave rise to conspiracy theories.

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