Equatorial Guinea: Senators ban from traveling without VP approval

Equatorial Guinean deputies and senators are forbidden to travel abroad without the authorization of the vice-president, Teodorin Nguema Obiang of the country.

“For the national interest”, parliamentarians from Equatorial Guinea wishing to travel abroad must submit their application for travel abroad to the President of the National Assembly or the Senate.

Those who send their request to these two personalities must obtain the agreement of the Vice-President of the Republic, before they can travel.

According to the report of AFP, the decision taken on July 27 was confirmed by parliamentarians contacted by a reporter of Agence France-Presse in Malabo.

In June, a similar decision hit the country’s officials.

According to concordant sources, these measures follow the alleged coup attempt in January, which Malabo claimed to have foiled.

Some of the sponsors accused by the power of leading the coup attempt were officials who travelled to Europe in late 2017.

Equatorial Guinea’s former ambassador to Chad, Enrique Nsue Anguesomo, and other officials were arrested in early 2018, for accused of supporting the attempted coup, they have been detained since then.

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