Ethiopia: A ‘prophet’ fails to wake up a corpse after all his prophecies

“A Prophet” was arrested in Ethiopia after failing to bring a dead person back to life in western Ethiopia.

According to the inhabitants of the village of Galilee, Getayawale Ayele had been unable to honour the promise made to the family of the dead.

He based himself on the story of Lazarus in the New Testament of the Bible, which was brought back to life by Jesus. The family then agreed to dig up the corpse.

To bring him back to life, “the prophet”, lay down on him and shouted several times “Belay, wake up,” said the family members.

After the failure of the resurrection, several members of the deceased’s family fainted while the others got angry, beat the “Ethiopian prophet”.

Getayawkal Ayele was saved by the police who arrested him and detained him.

Abuses against corpses are considered crimes according to Ethiopian law.

The incident was filmed and became viral on social media in Ethiopia.

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