Experts warn against cheap alternative lip fillers: ‘Never stick your upper lip with superglue’

The use of fillers to artificially fill the upper and lower lip seems to be an unstoppable trend. But the high cost of the treatment prevents many people from such a cosmetic procedure. Young people have now found a spotlessly inexpensive alternative: to glue the upper lip under the nose with a strip of super glue.

A teenager recently put the result of her ‘glue lip’ on the social medium Tiktok. In a short time, this message was treated to no less than 81,000 likes. The instruction video has now been removed, but the proverbial fence is off the dam. Various teenagers, such as Chloe Hammock, have already tried it out and shared the result on Twitter and other platforms.

The reactions don’t lie. Many people find it ridiculous to stick the upper lip upwards. “From the side, it doesn’t look natural,” someone judges. Another states that it will be “difficult to eat or drink.” Or: “the worst possible alternative to fillers.”

Experts such as dermatologists have already seen the trend and stress not to try it out. Reason? Skin stuck together with superglue can tear, and the chemical stuff can lead to skin damage and burns. Health sites that bring the phenomenon also come up with solutions. The glue dissolves after a few days due to sweat. Water and nail polish remover can also be used to speed up this process. And doesn’t that work? See your doctor!

Next to nothing

It’s not the first time that teenagers have come up with something to experience, for a pittance, so-called pouting lips. Four years ago, a different way emerged. By vacuuming the lips for a while, for example in a bottle, they swelled up temporarily to unprecedented proportions. The result: bruising and even total mutilation of the mouth. Even then, doctors warned against doing so.
Experts warn against cheap alternative lip fillers: ‘Never stick your upper lip with superglue’
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