Facebook comes with a heart-to-heart emoticon

Facebook introduces a new, temporary heart-to-heart emoticon along with the heart, the sad smiley, and the classic thumb. With a smiley face hugging a heart, people can give someone a heart. “In this corona crisis, a thumb and smiley sometimes just don’t cover the load.”

Facebook, which is also introducing the new heart-to-heart on the comment feature on Messenger, says their platforms are “perhaps more than ever” the right way for people to keep in touch with friends and family.

Moreover, we see many significant initiatives appear on Facebook, initiatives that provide support during this corona crisis. Getting groceries, sharing groceries, walking dogs, tips for temporary home parents, the social medium states in a statement.

“However, this new situation also requires new response options. Because a thumb and a smiley sometimes just does not cover the load if you want to give someone a digital heart under the belt. Whether it is something cheerful, sad, or something in between.”

©Facebook – The new heart-to-heart emoticon is added to the list of comments.

The new heart-to-heart emoticons are temporarily added to the list of reaction options. From today the new comment option will be available on Messenger, next week the new smiley can be used on Facebook.

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