Facts about the moon that modern scientists cannot explain

The dimensions and orbit are both ideal. In recent years, there have been numerous complete eclipses of the Sun by the Moon. In fact, the very fact that such a thing can be seen is a true miracle.

The Moon has long been renowned as the only satellite that permits you to see a complete eclipse from the planet’s surface. This is all connected to the relative diameters of the Sun and Moon, as well as the Earth’s distance from them in the case of the Earth. The Moon is around one-quarter that of Earth’s size and now for the strangeness.

The diameter of the Moon is about 400 times less than that of the Sun. The Moon, on the other hand, is 400 times closer to the Earth than the Sun. In addition, unlike all other known satellites, the Moon orbits the Earth in a completely round orbit. The Moon and the Sun seem to be the same size in the sky as a result of this. Despite the fact that this is most likely a coincidence, chances are one in a million.


In his book Intelligent Life in the Universe, published in 1966, Carl Sagan said that a planet’s natural satellite could not be hollow. The majority of people agreed with him. As a result, scientists were taken aback when seismic equipment on the Moon recorded considerable reverberations when the Apollo 12 lunar module landed on the lunar surface on November 20, 1969.

Not only did the moon “ring like a bell,” but it did so for nearly an hour. This shows that the Moon is hollow, if the evidence is to be believed. The reverberation was measured again on the following expedition. This time, the impact was significantly stronger, and the “ringing” continued for more than three hours. Despite suspicions that the Moon could be hollow based on NASA’s own research, NASA’s findings were largely ignored in the years that followed.

Unusual craters

Artificial structures
Artificial structures

The Moon is littered with craters that have developed over billions of years. Surprisingly, these craters are all the same depth. According to current knowledge, the depth of these craters should vary widely, yet this is not the case on the Moon. Most people believe this is merely a coincidence, however other people believe the Moon is artificial or hollow, and these craters are confirmation of their claim.

According to legend, under the rocky lunar surface lies a “inner shell” made of some type of metallic substance capable of absorbing hits and uniformly spreading them throughout the whole surface, preventing deep craters from forming. This shell, according to some, also protects whatever lies underneath it.

Artificial structures

Artificial structures
Artificial structures

According to NASA, most of the “manufactured” structures on the Moon are optical illusions, while others are the product of fuzzy, low-quality photography. On the other hand, dedicated UFO enthusiasts argue that these photographs are conclusive evidence of extraterrestrial and human-made buildings on the Moon.

You can locate a slew of comparable photographs on the Internet in just a few minutes, some of which are pretty convincing. But, of course, the credible proof isn’t enough. The Shard is one such oddity that NASA photographed in 1967. The artificial structure may be seen rising above the surface in the photograph. Many UFO researchers dismiss the theory of an optical illusion since it produces a shadow. Surprisingly, another claimed “Tower” building, believed to be roughly 11 kilometers high, is located just a short distance away.

Place in orbit artificially

Without the Moon, life on Earth will undoubtedly shift radically. For humans, it may even become impossible. The Moon helps to keep the planet’s oceans and polar regions stable, resulting in seasons that enable most of the planet’s ecosystems and life to thrive. Many ancient texts, on the other hand, purport to chronicle the period before the Moon emerged in the Earth’s sky. Some say the Moon is a man-made structure set in a perfectly planned orbit to keep Earth’s conditions stable.

An alien reconnaissance base

An alien reconnaissance base
An alien reconnaissance base

If the Moon was purposely put in Earth’s orbit by some unknown ancient civilization, the only reasonable conclusion is that an extraterrestrial species did it. For example, David Icke, a controversial researcher, and author, claims that the Moon is a man-made satellite that sends signals from Saturn to our planet and produces a “matrix” that is our reality.

Unique rotation

Unique rotation
Unique rotation

Everyone has heard about the dark side of the Moon that people have never seen. Many people think that the Moon always has one side facing the Earth because it does not rotate. But it would be more accurate to call this part of the Moon the “far side” because the Moon actually rotates.

The Moon makes a complete circle around the Earth in 27.3 days, and it takes 27 days to rotate around its axis. This “synchronous rotation” causes one side of the Moon to always “move away” from our planet. Again, the Moon is unique compared to the satellites of other planets. From the perspective of conspiracy theorists, this was done on purpose so that the “dark side of the Moon” would be the perfect place to set up an alien base.

The truth about the Moon

Author and researcher Alex Collier claimed to have discovered the true history of the Moon in his controversial and highly mocked book “Letters from Andromeda”. However, the author’s method of gathering information “alarmed” several people: he supposedly received “telepathic signals” from an extraterrestrial living in the constellation “Zenith.” The Moon, according to Collier, was once a massive spaceship that came here millions of years ago.

It brought “reptiloids, human and reptilian hybrids, and the first humans to set foot on Earth.” Collier claims that the Moon is empty and that there are several secret entrances on the surface that lead inside. There is a metallic shell beneath the surface of the Moon that hides the remains of ancient alien bases leftover from a huge war 113,000 years ago. Today these bases are occupied by a secret world government that worked together with an extraterrestrial race.

Quite a tale

The period “before the moon” is mentioned in several ancient texts. For example, Aristotle claimed that the Earth was populated “before the moon was in the sky above the ground” while writing about Arcadia. Apollonius of Rhodes, meanwhile, wrote of a period when “not all the” balls “were still in heaven.”

Similar oral traditions exist among the Chibcha tribe of Colombia, which begin with the lines “At the beginning when the moon was not yet in heaven.” Legend has it that the Moon was “drawn” from an inconceivable distance by the Zulu.

Covert operations

Alex Collier is not the only person who claims there are bases on the Moon. Over the past two decades, there have been many such claims, often purportedly coming from anonymous individuals who have made classified documents public. One recent claim of a base on the Moon was made by Dr. Michael Sall, who is working with the Chinese space agency on a manned mission to the Moon. If successful, it would be the first human visit to the Moon since Apollo 17 in 1972.

Salla claims that the base is part of the “military-industrial extraterrestrial complex”. Even strange are his comments about NASA actively bombarding such bases as well as “ancient artifacts and objects” to conceal their existence. In addition, he claimed that secret lunar exploration missions were being conducted by a “secret world government” that had entered into a secret pact with an unknown extraterrestrial race.

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