Fake videos of “drunk” Pelosi go viral in the US

In the United States, the political battle is already being fought with fake videos. On Republican Facebook accounts, several films go viral, showing that Democratic parliamentarian Nancy Pelosi is talking drunk.

However, the Washington Post journalists discovered that the videos have been tampered with. The most widespread video – which has been viewed more than two million times – was delayed by 75%, making it seem like Pelosi is really babbling. The height of her voice has also been adjusted because otherwise, it would be noticeably lower due to the delay.

Among the more than 45,000 people who have already shared the video, is Rudy Giuliani – Donald Trump’s lawyer. The head of state himself tweeted another video clip, in which a 21-minute long Pelosi speech was reduced to 30 seconds and only the pieces in which they were faltering were shown.

Facebook announced that the videos are “in the queue” to see if they are misleading – after which their distribution may be curtailed.

Fake videos of "drunk" Pelosi go viral in the US

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