Family makes frightening discovery after returning from vacation

“Have I made a mistake at home?” It was a thought that haunted the head of the American Janice Henson when she returned from her vacation with her family. The key seemed strangely enough not to do anymore. In other words, the family was in front of a closed door. But behind that door she made a frightening discovery.

When Janice tried in vain to get the key in the lock, suddenly a strange man in a wheelchair opened the door and shouted to the family that she had to shave away. From now on, this house in the state of Georgia was his home, that’s the way it sounded. The intruder also claimed that he was armed.

The unknown man had obviously used the absence of the residents to replace all locks, but then Janice informed the police.

Agents negotiated for more than five hours in vain with the intruder who proved inadmissible. He threatened them, till a special unit had to be used to pound the front door. After this, a robot was sent into the house to locate the man, eventually he surrendered and no weapon was found.

The police then identify the man, it concerns the 26-year-old Nathaniel Nuckols, who was in Cobb County prison, according the local media.

The Henson family, for its part, now tries to get rid of the shock. The intruder had made a small inventory of the house – the family members want to put the house in order so that they can withdraw again, but in the meantime, they stay in a hotel in the neighbourhood.

Channel 2, WSB-TV, Bild
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