Festival Glastonbury prohibits plastic bottles

The Glastonbury music festival in the United Kingdom has announced that the sale of plastic bottles of water will no longer be allowed. In 2017, visitors bought 1.3 million plastic bottles, according to sales figures.

“We all have to take steps in the right direction,” said Emily Eavis, daughter of founder Michael Eavis, about the decision. The festival has worked hard over the past year on ways to completely eliminate plastic bottles intended for single use.

Visitors are encouraged to bring a refillable bottle, but refillable bottles will also be available at the festival site. Free drinking water is offered so that people can fill their bottles, reports The Guardian. In addition, water and soft drinks will also be sold in cans that are fully recyclable. The ban on the plastic bottles applies to both the festival meadow and backstage, according to Glastonbury.

Festival Glastonbury prohibits plastic bottles
Music fans leave the Glastonbury site through a sea of rubbish. In 2017, festivalgoers got through 1.3m plastic bottles. Photograph: Matt Cardy/Getty Images

The festival already announced that snack and food stalls on the premises are not allowed to use plastic cutlery and plates, but must opt for compostable materials. Plastic straws are also not welcome at the festival site.

According to Greenpeace, 12.7 million tons of plastic are deposited in the oceans every year.

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