Fight between Russian influencer and the plastic surgeon who treated her

A lip treatment ended with a scuffle between a Russian influencer and the female plastic surgeon who treated her.

Valentina Sidorova says that doctor Olesya Sokolan attacked her after she started filming her. She said she suffered a concussion, a broken nose, and a head injury. The surgeon (34) reverses the allegations and claims to have been attacked by internet celebrity. She, too, was said to have fallen by pushing and pulling, which also resulted in a concussion.

According to Sidorova, the surgeon was supposed to have injected her with an unknown substance. The doctor did not want to say what the content was, which eventually led to the celebrity being asked to leave the practice.

The well-known Russian pulled out her phone and started filming, which degenerated into a swear and fight. The surgeon took the smartphone and would have taken it out several times with the device. Two practice assistants had to intervene. Sidorova got her phone back. The bloody influencer later filmed a film from a Moscow hospital in which she accused the surgeon of the aggression. The Russian police have so far arrested neither Sidorova nor Dr. Sokolan.

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