‘Fire’ bridge in Indonesia, not everyone will dare to walk on it

The suspension bridge in an orchid forest in Indonesia is mesmerizing, frightening and delightful at the same time. Not everyone will dare to walk on it – after all, a dizzying height. But it is painfully beautiful because it is not a simple bridge but a “fiery” one. In the sense that along the entire route, it is consecrated with many lamps. And from the side, this luminous hanging road looks fantastic!

Cikole Forest is a wilderness area with tens of thousands of orchids and the largest collection of these flowers in all of Indonesia. Orchid lovers find common species not only here but also very rare ones. A fabulous forest is located in Lembang – a city and natural zone of the Indonesian province of West Java.

Fiery Suspension 'fire' Bridge
©Warman Wardhani – Fiery Suspension ‘fire’ Bridge

The Fiery Suspension Bridge is very popular with tourists and residents of Indonesia: both wildlife lovers (after all, this is an excellent observation deck) and fans of original selfies come here. By the way, the forest park administration employees often climb onto the bridge to make a couple of shots for social networks because where else can you find such an extraordinary photo zone!

The bridge is made of wooden planks tied with ropes, has mesh sides, and is 125 meters long. In fact, this is a winding path that leads tourists through a picturesque forest – not only on the ground but above the ground. There are observation platforms at each bend of this path – they are made in those places from which a particularly gorgeous view opens up. There are also separate areas in the forest, lower.

Forest fire bridge in the land of orchids
©Warman Wardhani – Forest fire bridge in the land of orchids

By the way, you can observe the surroundings at night because numerous lights make the bridge “fiery” for an observer from the side and illuminate the surrounding area with their bright light.

Everyone who has visited this bridge notes the incredible combination of coolness coming from the valleys of fog, floral-forest smell and a breathtaking sensation of height. The bridge, by the way, is located at an altitude of about 1700 meters above sea level.

More than one and a half thousand metro above sea level
©Warman Wardhani – More than one and a half thousand metro above sea level

Impressive footage of this glowing miracle, taken by Indonesian photographer Warman Wardhani, has been scattered across social media. People all over the world were delighted. “When the pandemic is over, I will definitely come to Indonesia and walk across this bridge”, “I am terribly afraid of heights, but I will definitely climb it”, “I just have to take photos from this bridge”. These are the most frequent comments that can be read under the unique pictures.

The uniqueness of this bridge is not only in its height but also in its incredible glow. Meanwhile, there are much higher points on Earth. These are observation platforms that only the most courageous climb.

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