Michael J. Fox showed his first tattoo on social networks

The 57-year-old actor exhibited the drawing that was made in honour of a revelation that helped him in his career. Michael J. Fox took the first tattoo of his life and boasted it on social networks. The 57-year-old actor debuted in body art with an engraving of a black and white sea turtle that is missing a piece of his right fin. The rings around the reptile symbolize that it is advancing.

“First tattoo, sea turtle, long story” the famous actor wrote without giving further explanations on his Instagram account. Fox used Mr. K’s services at Bang Bang in New York to bring his vision to life. In the images – published by the creators of the design, you can see while they were tattooing it. Also, a portrait of Fox next to the famous tattoo artist in which they exhibit articles autographed by the artist of Volver al Futuro; the hovercraft and the sneakers that Marty McFly wore in the sequel to the tape.

©Instagram/Bang Bang NYC – Michael J. Fox with Mr. K.

“He was telling me that he had a revelation related to the decisions he had to make in his career when he was diving on a beach in Saint John, he found a sea turtle that lacked a piece of fin. This turtle, far from escaping from him, allowed him to swim by his side for half an hour… After that, Michael made a transcendental decision and that explains why the turtle was so important to him,” revealed Mr K and added that although the actor has Parkinson’s disease, which was diagnosed decades ago, the session went smoothly.

“I think Michael was very well throughout the day, we are talking about something that can affect him a lot or not, it depends on the situation and the circumstances, we had a great day and everything went perfectly”.

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