“First Lady Melania advised Trump to accept defeat”

Melania Trump has not yet commented publicly on the election results in the US, but behind the scenes, she has already advised her husband, Donald Trump, to accept his defeat. TV channel CNN heard this from a source. Earlier it became known that Jared Kushner also approached his father-in-law about recognizing his election defeat.

So far, incumbent President Donald Trump does not want to concede defeat and says he won the elections because there was allegedly widespread fraud with votes. However, evidence for this has not been provided.

Jared Kushner, a key adviser to Trump and the husband of his daughter Ivanka, is said to have approached his father-in-law after the campaign team issued a statement Saturday that the race is not yet over, and that the media has designated a winner too soon. Two anonymous sources told CNN that.

According to the American TV channel, first lady Melania Trump also advised her husband to accept his defeat. “She has expressed her opinion, as she often does,” CNN quotes the source.

“Awful feeling”

The election defeat has reportedly been a bombshell for Trump’s campaign team. Anonymous employees tell ABC News that fatigue and disappointment are currently prevalent among the team that was supposed to make Trump’s reelection possible. “A terrible feeling,” one of them told the broadcaster.

Some employees had already assumed a defeat in recent days, for others, it was only clear when Fox News declared Biden the winner on Saturday. Trump’s team has filed several lawsuits over the alleged vote fraud. But there is disagreement about that, according to ABC News. Some members of the legal team think they are “pointless”.

In particular, Trump’s loyal allies, Rudy Giuliani and Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi would still be willing to do anything to challenge the outcome. Giuliani has now announced that his team will have four or five lawsuits in conflicting states by the end of the week. Trump’s sons Eric and Donald Trump junior are also still fighting on Twitter.

The hotline that the campaign team has set up for voters to report abuses at the polls has not yet proved to be a resounding success. The calls would be inundated with fake phone calls from people who laugh at employees about Trump’s loss and then hang up.

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