fisherman saves a toddler from the sea while parents are still sleeping

An 18-month-old toddler was accidentally rescued from the sea in New Zealand by a tourist who was fishing there. The boy had escaped from his parents’ tent while they slept and might have been thrown into the water. The fisherman initially thought he saw a doll float in the water. “If I were a minute later, I would not have seen him.”

Gus Hutt, a camper who stayed at Matata Beach in New Zealand, went fishing around 6 o’clock as usual. Normally Hutt would walk straight from the campsite across the beach to the sea, but that day he decided to set up his rod a hundred yards away. A decision that may have saved the life of the toddler. When the man came back after an hour to check if he was biting, he saw something floating in the water. “As he drove past, I thought it was just a doll,” Hutt told local newspaper The New Zealand Herald. In spite of this he took the seemingly lifeless body out of the water. “His face, just like porcelain, glued to his face with his short, wet hairs, but then he let out a cry and I thought ‘oh god, this is a baby and he lives’.”

Small footsteps
The toddler had evidently managed to open the tent’s zipper that morning while his parents were still asleep. The small footsteps on the beach showed that he had immediately walked to the ocean and was dragged along by the waves. “He drove past a good pace… If I had only been one minute later, I would not have seen him,” Hutt said.

Hutt took the toddler to the managers of the campsite, where the boy was wrapped in towels. Meanwhile, his wife informed the parents. When she heard where her child was found, the mother cried out, he says.

One of the managers of the campsite talks about a “freaky miracle”. “It came as a shock to everyone. It was a very fortunate result… It could have turned out to be a tragic incident”, he added.

The toddler was taken to the hospital but did not leave anything to his adventure. The parents thanked the fisherman extensively before they went home.

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