Stingray stays with spine hanging in cross of swimmer

In South China, a young gentleman was taken to a hospital after being stung by a stingray in his genitals. Nothing is known about his injuries, but many people feel sorry for the pain that the swimmer has endured.

The man had gone swimming on Saturday off the coast of the island of Hainan, in the South China sea. When he came back to the beach, he could just hoist himself on the beach. It turned out that he had been attacked by a stingray. He is known for being very aggressive. When he feels threatened, he swings with his tail that is endowed with a sharp barbed spine, with that he was stuck in the swimmer’s penis.

Video images show how the young man perishes from the pain while lying on the beach. Relief workers did not immediately succeed in loosening the spine. That is why a rescuer, under the supervision of a doctor, cut off the tail of the fish. After the man was finally released from the barbs on the spine, he could stand up himself before laying down on the stretcher. He was taken to a hospital for medical assistance.

The images of the incident went viral on social media in China. Many users say they are already getting pain, just looking at the images.

The stingray can also be deadly. The 44-year-old Australian nature documentary maker Steve Irwin died in 2006 due to a sting of a poisonous stingray in the heart.

Source: shangaiist

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