Five suspects face capital punishment for killing Khashoggi

The public prosecutor’s office in Saudi Arabia demands death sentences for the murder of Jamal Khashoggi. The journalist was murdered in the Saudi consulate in Istanbul at the beginning of October.

Eleven people have been accused of involvement in the death of Khashoggi. The death penalty is now being demanded against five of them, probably being members of the death squad. A total of 21 people was arrested in connection with the case. According to the chief prosecutor, Khashoggi was strangled in the consulate and his body was then cut into pieces. Where the remains have remained, is not known. The research is still ongoing.

According to the Prosecutor General, the Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman was not aware of the murder mission. A former vice director of the intelligence services is now coming to the fore. “We are waiting for a response from Turkey to get evidence and audio recordings”, it sounds. American intelligence services are convinced, however, that the successor to the throne was indeed the principal.

Documents for divorce

Khashoggi had an appointment at the consulate to collect documents about his divorce. After entering, a fight started and he got a lethal injection. Then his body was smuggled out of the consulate. The operation was carried out by fifteen people from Saudi Arabia. Who also flew back immediately after the murder with two private flights and one scheduled flight.

Khashoggi was a columnist of the Washington Post. He voiced strong criticism of the crown prince from exile in the United States last year. He accused him, among other things, of ruling as the Russian president Putin.

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