For 3 hours, a mysterious light from the sky lit a mountain in Turkey

A bright golden beam was spotted on the Zigana Pass in the Pontic Mountains near the Turkish border. Eyewitnesses likened it to the beams seen in science fiction movies from UFOs.

Residents in the area stared at the massive beam of light for three hours, perplexed. It’s the first time they’ve ever seen anything like it, they allege.

On the Zigana Pass in the Pontic Mountains in the province of Gumushane, near the border with the province of Trabzon in northeastern Turkey, a massive golden ray was sighted. If a person is at an altitude of 2100 meters above sea level, the street phenomenon was sufficiently from the land of the Harley Center.

Witnesses indicate that a massive golden light blazed from one location on the Zigana Pass slopes for nearly three hours. Abdullah Eroglu, a representative from the ski facility in these places, said they had seen a wide variety of breathtaking vistas around the site previously, but nothing like this.

The Zigana Pass beam of light
The Zigana Pass beam of light

He said, “We always encourage our tourists to take in the spectacular vistas of Zigana. They were fortunate enough to see the most incredible spectacle today. For a long period, this shaft of light dropped on the Zigana hills.”

“Several observers described it as a vertical rainbow. The visitors at our facility were taken aback when they saw this incident and instantly grabbed their phones to record it.”

In science fiction movies, rays of light are often shown descending from alien spacecraft to carry humans, animals, and other items of interest to aliens.

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