Former queen walks in thong and eats from dog bowl: Thailand blocks Pornhub over ‘pool video’

The Thai Ministry of Digital Affairs has ordered the blocking of Pornhub. On the erotic site, a movie is circulating in which King Vajiralongkorn (68) appears. However, the Thai did not like the censorship, and #pornhub was immediately one of the most used ‘hashtags’ on Twitter.

The video in question – a violation of the law of lese-majesty – came to light in 2007 and had been circulating on the Internet ever since.

The images show the current king – then still crown prince – at the birthday party of his beloved poodle FoeFoe, who had been given the rank of air marshal by him.

However, Vajiralongkorn was not alone. His then (third) wife Srirasmi was also present, dressed in nothing more than a thong.

This made for a bizarre contrast to the fully uniformed servants huddling around the couple. The fact that Srirasmi also crawled on the ground to give the dog cake and ate from his bowl also raised eyebrows here and there.

In Thailand, the video is known as the “pool clip” because the footage was taken by the pool.

Srirasmi was dismissed in 2014, and her relatives were put in prison for allegedly abusing their association with the royal family.

She hardly gets to see her son Prince Dipangkorn (15). He lives in Bavaria, where he also attends school.

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