Fortnite, game that led to over hundreds of divorces in United Kingdom

The popularity of the Fortnite shooting game is the reason for hundreds, perhaps thousands, of divorces in the United Kingdom. That is what the company ‘’ claims after examining 200 divorce requests.

If that line is extended nationally, the company expects Fortnite to be the driving force for nearly 5,000 British divorces this year. In 2016, the most recent year with available data, a total of 107,071 divorces were pronounced in Great Britain.

“Fortnite is one of the most addictive games ever made. More people are struggling with their online addictions with relationship problems,” explains a spokesman for It is not clear whether more women or more men indicate Fortnite as a reason for divorce.

The shooting game has been downloaded 125 million times and has 40 million active players. Gamers must fight each other until one survivor is left. The game is designed so that participants always want to continue. They receive rewards when they reach a new level and, above all, they experience peer pressure by team members not to let each other down.

Maker Epic Games achieved a turnover of 223 million dollars in March 2018. Petitions circulate on the internet asking for the game to be withdrawn from the market. “This game has destroyed my relationship”, a victim said.

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