Four dead in forest fires in Algeria – images

Four people died on Monday evening following fires that broke out in the forests of the wilaya of Tizi-Ouzou (100 km east of Algiers), according to the local Civil Protection.

According to the same source quoted by the newspaper Al Bilad, a young woman of 23 years and two in their thirties and an elderly person were killed in these fires which broke out simultaneously in the forests of this wilaya.

The same source said that two deaths had been recorded in Ath Yeni, another in Azazga, and a last in Yakouren.

More than a dozen fires affected many areas, from maritime Kabylia to Upper Kabylia, which recorded the largest number of fires, local sources said.

According to Civil Protection, fires broke out on Monday in 14 wilayas: Tizi-Ouzou (10 fires), Jijel (04), Bouira (02), Khenchela (02), Sétif (02), Guelma (02), Béjaïa ( 02), and a fire in Bordj Bou Arreridj, Msila, Médea, Skikda, Blida, Boumerdès and Tiaret.

According to media sources, the fight against fires is made difficult by the strong heatwave and the simultaneity of fires.

Photos and videos posted on social networks show that the flames have ravaged houses like Taourirt Mokrane, and calls have been made to the inhabitants of the surrounded villages to leave their homes.

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