France starts investigation into “Russian interference” in ‘yellow vests’ protest

The Kremlin denies any involvement in the movement of the yellow vests. According to Russia, every allegation that the country plays a role in the protest, also on the Internet, is “defamation”. Yesterday it became known that France started an investigation into possible Russian interference with the ‘yellow vests’ protests that have kept the country in its grip for a few weeks now.

The denial of Russia comes after question marks were put on countless false accounts that might be intended to light the movement of yellow vests on social media. For example, hundreds of Twitter accounts that usually promote the Kremlin would now focus primarily on posts around the ‘#giletsjaunes’. Social media experts say that it seems that those accounts want to enlarge the conflict.

Injured yellow vests

According to the British newspaper The Times, there are about two hundred Twitter accounts that, for example, distribute photos and videos of yellow vests that have been seriously injured by the police. The paper is based on analyses by the cyber security company New Knowledge. The false accounts are fed by Russia, it says. The French security services are examining whether the Russians are indeed interfering with the demonstrations, Foreign Minister Dr Drian said yesterday. It is too early to comment on the allegations of the Times, it sounded.

But Russia denies all accusations. “We have not intervened in the internal affairs of any country, including France,” the Kremlin spokesperson, Dimitri Peskov, told reporters. “We respect the sovereignty of France. Any accusations about a possible participation of Russia is nothing but defamation,” he added.

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