Famous furniture maker ban from wiping floor with broom: ‘Nonsense!’

The health authorities in London have ordered a reputable furniture maker, Michael Northcroft, not to use a broom in his shop and workshop. According to the authorities, it is a health and safety hazard.

The 63-year-old Northcroft, who has made furniture for singer Adele, Prime Minister May and footballer Ronaldo, is said to have been wiping his workshop with a broom for over 40 years. “I’ve been managing furniture factories for over 40 years, and I have never heard such a load of nonsense.” The furniture man would spread dust with his broom, which would pose a health risk.

Northcroft finds the interference of the HSE (Health and Safety Executive) insane and dispenses that the broom remains. The HSE inspected the Northcroft workshop in the Leyton district in north-east London for two hours and charged EUR 173 for it. The result of the inspection was a broom ban. Northcroft should purchase a commercial vacuum cleaner, according to the HSE.


The letter from the HSE to Northcroft on the health risks of the broom was also accompanied by a photograph of the culprit. The health of the Ten Northcroft workers would be at risk, among other things, from the wood dust being soaked by the broom. Northcroft says that’s nonsense, and the HSE doesn’t know how to use a broom. ‘A vacuum cleaner with a long cable is a much greater risk!’


“They have a nonsense video on the website, in which someone is shown who wipes a large pile of sawdust with an outside brush. The hairs of that broom are too long, so the dust is lifted off the ground,” Northcroft explains.

“Anyone with a little common sense knows that a broom must stay on the ground and must be pushed. Preferably one with short soft hairs, exactly like mine.”

“I have no choice,” Northcroft says rebellion against The Sun. “I have been told that I must stop sweeping and I must report on a specified date that I meet their guidelines.” Despite the mandatory rules, the furniture maker does not intend to change tack quickly. “It will be a nice fight to ignore these guys, but I am ready. I grab my broom and go back to work.

Famous furniture maker ban from wiping floor with broom: 'Nonsense!'
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