Gang charge $0.28 to back commuters across flooded road

“I go help you, but you go pay N100 ($0.28 ed.) for crossing you,” says a member of the gang to an elderly people who wanted to cross the flooded road. Crude opportunity for some street boys along Lagos-Badagry Express, that charge few pence to back commuters along the flooded area.

The recent raining season in Nigeria, especially the month of June which has the heaviest rainfall in Lagos state. Erosion and flooding have wreaked havoc in some parts of the state after it rained last week.

According to reports, the situation under the bridge at Trade Fair Complex, along Lagos-Badagry Express, is quite bad that some pedestrians now bargain at the rate of $0.28 to street boys to help them across the flooded road.

Owing to this, Nigerians living in that state commuting this road have resorted to a crude way of getting across the flooded area for several days. Most of them have been spotted paying the members of the gang who loiter around, a sum of $0.28 in order to be transported across the road.

“Oga, no service on earth is free, even in Freetown,” one of the street boys told an elderly man, who begs for their help

Those boys who do not mind the risks involved in towing the road transporting their ‘passengers’ on their backs alongside their baggage and convey them knee-deep across the murky waters.

Elderly men and women have mostly been known to patronize them. Photos of the street boys carrying these commuters across the flooded area have been making rounds on social media.

Gang charge $0.28 to back commuters across flooded road
One of the street boys at the service of $0.28
Gangs charge $0.28 to back commuters across flooded road
A member of the gang backing his ‘passenger’ while crossing the flooded area.

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