Gentlemen, the lies that some women tell after making love

Women can either inflate a man’s ego or reduce it. After an intense night, some women make their men feel good by telling them lies sometimes. This is because men always boast about their performance in bed.

Some women tell lies out of love for their partner, others do it to inflate one man’s ego, while another category does so because they need favours.

If you happen to tell a man that he is not good in bed, you will probably decrease his self-esteem.

Here are some lies that women tell after sezx:

1. No man has ever made me feel that
It is possible that your girlfriend’s ex is much better than you, but it must stimulate your ego and esteem for you, saying that you are good even if you cannot reach point G.

2. I will never deceive you
It is certainly because you are with her at this time and you have made her reach orgaszm many times she swears to you an eternal fidelity.

3. You have a big penizs
Men like to hear that. This lie is common among girls because they want to stimulate the ego of their partner who always boasts about the size of their penizs.

4. I love you
Even if she does not like you, she will tell you the opposite probably because she is expecting something from you.

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