George Soros to China: “Dangerous enemy of the democratic society”

George Soros, the well-known American-Hungarian billionaire and philanthropist, today, in the margins of the World Economic Forum in Davos, took a big hit to China.

Soros called Chinese President Xi Jinping “the most dangerous enemy of the democratic society”. And even China’s attempts to control society with digital technology is, according to Soros, “a deadly danger to the free world”.

Social credit system

China makes use of facial recognition and ‘big data’ to keep an eye on its residents, on the streets, but also on social media. This creates a social credit system, in which citizens are punished if they are too often out of step.

That system is not yet fully operational, but Soros warns that it is clear “that the interests of the individual are subordinate to the interests of the one-party state”.

“Deadly threat”

“China is not the only totalitarian regime on earth, but it is unquestionably the most powerful, strongest and most advanced on artificial intelligence”. “For open societies this creates a deadly threat”.

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