German female coach of men’s team choose players for the pen!s size

Imke Wubbenhorst was the protagonist of a comment that toured the world. “I’m a professional (…) I choose the players for the size of their pen!ses,” it sounds.

Imke Wubbenhorst showed her character in an interview for a German half. The 30-year-old German withdrew from the playing fields in 2016 and after passing through the sports management of the Cloppenburg women’s team, in December 2018 she became the first coach of a men’s football team in the history of the five categories of local football.

After assuming the technical direction, and trying to move her team to the descent positions, the former football player gave an interview to the newspaper “Welt” in which she had to submit to somewhat macho questions.

The trainer and the journalist

Do players have to put on their pants every time she enters the dressing room? It was the query that led to the ironic response that travelled the world: “I am a professional, players do not have to put on their pants when I enter the locker room. I choose the players because of the size of their penises.”

“ I’m a professional (…) I choose the players for the size of their penises,” it sounds.

The German coach also commented that, after her arrival to the first team, she had an assistant that was left from the previous delegation which told her that, “he was not going to pick up the training cones for a woman”, and finally resigned.

The aim of Wubbenhorst is to try to get the team out of the zone of descents and for that, the 30-year-old woman assured that she works “in a different way than most of them have known so far in a video”.

Wubbenhorst had a past as a former club player

The German is a former soccer player who spent most of her career in the Cloppenburg women’s team. She retired in 2016 and took command of the sports management of that campus. Her work was so good, and that of her colleague in the men’s division so poor, that the board proposed that she take the position that had become vacant. A decision that made history and had to speak in Germany.

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