Giants, Titans, elves and other similar creatures – mythology or reflection of reality?

For many centuries, the motif of giants and dwarfs has been traced in the mythology and literary works of different peoples. Various giants, titans, elves, dwarves, goblins, giants, and other similar creatures act both in myths and ancient legends of different peoples, and in modern fairy tales and fantasy. And this is despite the fact that different peoples could not communicate with each other.

Consequently, there are thoughts that we are not alone on Earth, that in addition to the traditional “Homo sapiens” there were other species of people in the neighborhood with us on the planet. Who are they? Could they be spirits, angels, demons, djinn, deities? Or aliens, aliens from outer space? Is it really all a myth, the embodiment of human ideals, fears, and dreams? Or have aliens from parallel universes and other planets had to contact with humans?

In Greek mythology, there is a legend that it was Prometheus who stole fire and gave it to people, teaching people all the sciences, arts and crafts. And before that, people were weak and lived in caves. In Genesis 6 the Bible says that the Sons of God came down to the daughters of men and from these marriages were born children of Nephilim, giants, giants, one example of the offspring of whom is the famous Goliath, defeated by David.

There are opinions that the Flood was not directed by God against men, but against the Nephilim, the unnatural offspring of the children of God and men, demigods, as well as their numerous descendants. Noah was not a special righteous man or a sinner, but was a pure descendant of Adam, and had no kinship with the Nephilim, so he was saved.

Also in the Greek myths, especially in the later treatments of the stories (Oldie, etc.) we find the version that the demigod heroes had mixed blood, half human, half divine silver ichor. And this ichor made them brave, warlike, cruel.

The heroes used to be needed to cleanse the Earth of demonic and titanic monsters, the Earth’s ogres, after which they became unnecessary because they were difficult to control. That is why the gods set up the Trojan War, so that the heroes would destroy each other in battle. In contrast, the Hebrew Lord Sabaoth liquidated the Nephilim and their offspring with the Flood.

Also, now archaeologists are finding giant skeletons and don’t know who they belong to, perhaps some ancient race indeed? Among other things, who built the various cyclopean structures – the pyramids in Egypt, the cyclopean walls of Mycenae and Tirinthus, Stonehenge and other dolmens, cromlechs, menhirs and megaliths?

The people of that time, with their level of technology, could not have built such things. But maybe the people were guided by aliens, giants, etc., who then left the planet, after which much of their secret knowledge has been forgotten, perverted and lost its original meaning. This is how religion emerged, people began to believe in various gods and perform rituals, but all the secret knowledge remained hidden from us.

Indeed, most of the gods and demons are anthropomorphic, which suggests the appearance on our planet of some powerful creatures, who were later deified.

In addition, belligerence and aggressiveness, which is characteristic of man, is not peculiar to other living creatures, as well as morality, speech, etc. This, too, suggests that man is not a product of natural evolution, but the fruit of an experiment in cross-breeding between some creature and aliens. It is also noteworthy that man was created in the image and likeness of God, not equal to God, but similar.

If the word “god” is replaced by “alien”, then it turns out that the aliens bred some species similar to them, which is also quite possible. And the demigods-heroes, giants, dwarfs and others turned out to be too strong and skillful, but uncontrollable, and so when they were no longer needed, they were eliminated because they made an imbalance in the plans of the alien gods. Maybe there really were intermarriages of aliens with humans, experiments, etc., also the living conditions at the time might have been significantly different.

Among other things, there are versions that the theory of evolution is not entirely true and people lived at the same time as dinosaurs, and to coexist with such monsters, it was necessary not people, but something stronger and more powerful, able to oppose something to dragons-monsters. So there were heroes, demigods, giants. And then they became unnecessary and were exterminated by the flood, internecine strife, etc., as their neighborhood with normal people became dangerous for the latter.

But anyway, it is quite possible that there was a paleo-contact with aliens, with many things forgotten or explained in complex metaphysical language, as a result of which they became a myth, a symbol.

Among other things, many myths find confirmation. Take alchemy, for example. Transmutation, transformation of lead into gold is possible which is proved by nuclear physics, therefore, all these legends are not complete nonsense, another thing is when progress will reach these discoveries, and will we not destroy ourselves first? There is also the idea that the heroes of the Mahabharata used nuclear weapons. In those days, how was that possible?

The myth of Atlantis and Hyperborea is also known. The population of these ancient countries was wise and possessed knowledge inaccessible to us, but they were cruel, oppressive, arrogant, for which their land disappeared into the waves of the ocean. The parallel with the Jewish Nephilim and the World Flood is clear.

Hence, there were some Sons of God, Nephilim, and other hybrids of aliens and humans, good and evil deities, titans, giants, etc., who enjoyed these benefits of civilization themselves and also shared them with humans.

If the peoples of the Earth, so distant from each other, talk about the same thing, if myths and tales of different peoples are so similar, it means that we are talking about some historical event, which took place in the distant past, and then was forgotten, overgrown with metaphors, legends and other crust of myth, transformed into a tale, where you can not separate truth from fiction.

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