The enigmatic race of winged beings known as the Nephilim

Nephilim were winged creatures, the fruits of the sinful relationship of fallen angels and earthly women. The Nephilim looked like humans but possessed a pair of black feathered wings.

The Nephilim’s build may be like that of an average slender person, however, it may also be athletic, but he definitely will not have the special refinement of an elf. Thanks to their unusual abilities, each of the rebellious angels taught people certain knowledge.

Abilities of mysterious creatures

Regarding the abilities of the Nephilim, it can be assumed that they adopted them from their angel fathers but received them in a more weakened form. Thus, among the abilities of the Nephilim can be:

  • regeneration of a weaker level (fatal, however, cause only severe injuries – to the heart and head);
  • mid-level mental defense;
  • the ability to see disembodied entities – souls, spirits, but the ability to influence them due to the loss of holiness is absent;
  • the ability to cause certain positive feelings in people (love, warmth, confidence, courage, etc.);
  • relieve negative feelings (pain, fear, longing), as a rule, by touching (for a non-contact effect, a lot of force is needed);
  • there may be no need for food, water, but only for a certain period of time.

The physical abilities of a Nephilim may be similar to parental abilities but manifested to a lesser extent. The Nephilim loses immortality, and he is devoid of a soul, just like his ancestor, but in his case, this is a problem. Being deprived of grace and subject to death after the onset of such, the Nephilim risks simply disappearing not only from the face of the earth but from the entire universe altogether.

The Nephilim (observers – “sons of God”) are described in the book of Enoch. They are fallen angels. Being physical beings, they taught people the forbidden arts, and having married human wives, they gave birth to a new generation of people.

In the Torah and several non-canonical Jewish and early Christian letters, Nephilim means “who cause others to fall”. The Nephilim were gigantic in stature. Their strength was enormous, as was their appetite. They began to eat up all human resources, and when they ran out, they could attack people. The Nephilim began to fight and oppress people, which was huge destruction on earth.

The fact that unusual giants lived on earth is also evidenced by numerous archaeological finds – bones, fossilized traces, and even amazing megalithic buildings.

Giants lived on earth is also evidenced by numerous archaeological finds
Giants lived on earth is also evidenced by numerous archaeological finds

So who are they – these mysterious Nephilim, whose origin is still debated by theologians, historians, archaeologists, and linguists?

Divine Tragedy

From Hebrew, the word “Nephilim” translates as “the one who leads to the fall”, while the English interpretation of the word “Nephal” means “fallen” at all. That is why the “illegitimate” descendants of 200 rebel angels who dared to go against their Father’s will are considered to be children of vice.

Having violated the Law of God, the winged fathers condemned the Nephilim to a short-term, by biblical standards, life – only 120 years. In addition, the unfortunate giants were mortal, did not possess souls, and could not count on eternal life in the Kingdom of Heaven…

But that’s not all. The rebellious angels did not limit themselves to carnal love with earthlings and gave their “wives” the Knowledge carefully kept by the Creator from people since the time of the rebellious Eve. As it is said in the primary sources, each of the angels taught people a certain skill:

  • Azazel – military, jewelry, and even cosmetic;
  • Amatsarak – medicine and homeopathy;
  • Barkael – Astrology;
  • Tamiel – Astronomy;
  • Akibiel – clairvoyance…

For arbitrariness, the rebels were subjected to God’s judgment and overthrown from Heaven into the abyss, where they are found to this day. It would seem that everything is clear: the giants existed but were destroyed during the biblical catastrophe. But not everything is so simple.

“At that time there were giants on earth–” the Bible tells us, “especially(!) from the time when the sons of God began to enter the daughters of men, and they began to give birth to them. These are strong, long-time glorious people.”

It turns out that the Nephilim existed on earth long before the fall of the angels? Moreover, even after the flood sent to wash unworthy humanity off the face of the earth, the Nephilim survived and multiplied. The records evidence this in the Babylonian sacred books: “Noah saved Og, the giant, allowing him to fit behind the lattice door of the ark.” So there are descendants of the surviving Nephilim among us?

The Secret Legacy of Nibiru

But perhaps everything was much more prosaic and improbable. And they did not “fall” to us, but… “descended”!

An illustration of Nephilim
An illustration of Nephilim

Thanks to the long-term research of the largest expert in the field of ancient languages, Zachariah Sitchin, at the moment, scientists have sensational information about the appearance and development of the human race on earth through the intervention of alien intelligence. A thorough study of ancient Sumerian, Babylonian and ancient Egyptian texts and tables has shown that we are all descendants of aliens who gave earthlings not only great knowledge but also part of their gene pool.

According to Sumerian manuscripts dating back to 4400 BC, at that time, the Solar System consisted of 12 planets, one of which was the mysterious Nibiru. Its inhabitants, the Nephilim giants, gave the ancient Sumerians a true idea of the structure of the universe and its laws. If you believe the calculations, for the first time, the feet of space guests set foot on our planet more than 430,000 years ago, however, the aliens started unusual experiments on the introduction of their DNA into the human gene pool relatively recently – about 100,000 years ago.

The purpose of the Nephilim was to breed an intelligent human race capable of learning and development. Maybe it is about this “love” of angels for the daughters of men that the Bible tells?

Interestingly, humanity underwent a truly rapid evolution only about 4,000 thousand years ago, when the first great civilization of “hybrid” people arose in Sumer, which gave rise to states in the valleys of the Nile and Indus. The Nephilim deified by Earthlings chose intermediaries between themselves and people from among the rulers and priests. Through them, they transmitted to humanity their knowledge in mathematics, astronomy, medicine, and other basic sciences.

The Sumerian lists of kings speak of 10 generations of Nephilim kings who ruled for 3,600 “balls”. Considering that one “ball”, by earthly standards, is equal to 120 years (!), respectively, the power of the Nephilim lasted about 432,000 years in a row. Then there was a global catastrophe related to the flood, and the aliens disappeared from our planet for a long time, giving the surviving earthlings almost complete independence, as well as many hidden bases for UFO landings.

By the way, according to one of the Sumerian “versions”, the cause of the biblical flood could be the collision of Nibiru with one of the planets closest to earth, followed by the formation of an asteroid belt; between Jupiter and Saturn…

They’re coming back

The question of why the mysterious Nephilim is overseeing the development of mankind is still open. According to one version, the earth for them is one of many potential colonies intended for the extraction of gold and other useful resources, according to another – a saving base in the event of a possible catastrophe on Nibiru. According to some scientists, modern UFOs may well be directly related to the Nephilim from Nibiru, whose ancient underground and underwater bases still faithfully serve their masters.

According to astronomical calculations, the mysterious traveler planet appears between the orbits of Mars and Jupiter about once every 3,600 years, which for the Nephilim means only a year. And now scientists claim that Nibiru is inexorably approaching the earth again.

No one knows exactly what awaits humanity as a result of her next “visit” – the “long-awaited” apocalypse or new birth. However, given the Sumerian evidence of an ancient catastrophe, it may turn out that this time Nibiru entered the Solar System already uninhabited… Maybe this is a new chance for our survival?

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