Girl (11) gives birth in bath: parents, incestuous brother (17) indicted

A girl from St. Charles in the American state of Missouri gave birth in the bath at home at the age of eleven. Her brother of 17 would be the father. The boy admitted that he had “sex about a hundred times” with his sister, but claimed not to know she was pregnant.

The 17-year-old boy molested his younger sister several times and was arrested along with his parents. He was said to be the father of the child his sister gave birth to in a bathtub at home. He was indicted for incest and molesting a minor, his parents also for child abuse.

On 11 February, the father of the family brought the baby, who was born an hour earlier, to the hospital. The boy was still attached to the umbilical cord and the placenta and had a body temperature of barely 32 degrees Celsius.

The man, who is staying illegally in the US, claimed that it was his child and that his ex had put the baby boy in front of their door. He then stated that his son had made his sister pregnant. The parents claimed that they were not aware of the sexual abuse or the pregnancy of their daughter.

The brother told the investigators that he had made love with her about a hundred times but did not know that she was pregnant. He also couldn’t tell when he had started the lewd behavior.

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