Greta Thunberg by catamaran to climate summit in Madrid: “I was offered a lift”

The Swedish climate activist has been offered a place on a catamaran, which will take her back to Europe to attend the international climate conference in Madrid. She has announced this on social media.

“So happy to say that I will hopefully make it to COP25 in Madrid,” Thunberg tweeted. “I’ve been offered a ride from Virginia on the 48ft catamaran La Vagabonde.”

She will cross the Atlantic with the Australian YouTubers Riley Whitelum and Elayna Carausu and the English skipper Nikki Henderson. They document their journey around the world to draw attention to the importance of the ocean. The company will leave on Wednesday.

The international climate conference would normally take place in Chile but due to the protests in that country it is now being held in Madrid from December 2. “The COP25 is very important, and I will do my best to get there on time. But of course it doesn’t really matter if I get there on time or no,” said Thunberg. “There are countless other activists who will speak and bring the same message as I would.”

The teenager also said he was happy to be able to spend time on the ocean again. In August she sailed from Europe to the United States to attend the General Assembly of the United Nations. With this 15-day trip, she wanted to draw attention to the climate crisis.

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