Grief of Jose and Vicky: after their first son Oliver, also lost Julen

Until recently they were still four, the Rosello-Garcia family: Papa Jose and Mama Victoria and their sons Oliver and Julen. Today, after the death of Julen, Jose and Victoria are left alone. Their eldest son Oliver already suffered a heart attack in 2017, recently Victoria also had a miscarriage. “If only I had fallen into that pit and you were safe here with your mum. I hope your brother protects you.”

On May 14, 2017, the world collapses for Victoria – Vicky – Garcia. While walking with her sister, her niece, and both her sons on the beach of her home town of Malaga, her eldest son Oliver, three years old, suddenly collapses. He does not breathe anymore, and on his arrival at the children’s hospital his heart stopped beating, forever. No help can still benefit.

For three hours Vicky holds Oliver’s body in her arms, until her husband Jose arrives from his work in Seville where he has left in a hurry. An immense grief is mastered by both parents. Why did Oliver have to die? Only three weeks before he had been admitted once after he had been put together in the street. Why, nobody, including the doctors, did not know. A congenital heart defect that may not have led to a heart attack if it had been previously noticed. But later emerge from the autopsy.

Vicky feeling depress

Vicky is in a depression after the death of her son, friends and relatives told Spanish media this week. Jose continues to keep the voice of his son as a ringtone, who asks him: “Dad, are we going to play with the ball?”

©AFP – Mama Vicky (l.) Tonight after the news about her son Julen.


But no matter how difficult, life goes on. Jose and Vicky must, for Julen, at that time barely seven months old. “Their little angel”, they speak from now on about Oliver. The couple tries to have children again after the death of their eldest son, but here too, they get a shock. According to a friend of the family, Vicky recently had a miscarriage at an advanced stage of pregnancy. “What are they doing wrong to make all this, this is so unjust,” he sighs.

Jose and Vicky

29 are both Jose and Vicky, but they have known each other since they were teenagers in 2001. The family is closely linked and is very religious, but is now being put to the test. “I can no longer believe in God, it is so unjust what he does to my daughter and son-in-law,” said Julen’s grandmother to the Spanish press this week. “My daughter seems to have a curse about her, even though she was so happy when she was little.”

Julen’s grandmother says in the same interview that she has not told anything about the accident to her mother, the great-grandmother of the toddler. “She knows nothing, we do not want anything to happen to her because of the shock if she should find out.”

©REUTERS – Mama Vicky (l.) Tonight after the news about her son Julen.


How immensely the sadness for Jose and Vicky must have been and still is, they also received a lot of criticism this week. Anonymous, via social media. Because how could Julen fall into a pit that was covered, on the farm of a relative? Did not Papa Jose know about the well, and did he not know the terrain? The insinuations circulated on social media, as well as false news reports from the Guardia Civil that circulated through WhatsApp.

©AFP – Julen’s family members were in shock last night when they heard the news about the toddler.

Suspicions that aggravated the suffering of the couple. “The stones were not placed properly, my son slipped between them”, Jose had to answer to the press. “He weighs only 11 kilos, he is very narrow. I heard my son crying in the pit, but half a minute later I heard nothing.” Julen’s father was angry about the insinuations. “I do not know where I will get the strength afterwards, but I will do it: they will have to justify themselves in court for all this slander and wrong information. God will not forgive them.”

The emergency services also exonerated the parents of Julen and made themselves angry. “Does anyone really believe that the Guardia Civil is sending this kind of messages, and then via WhatsApp messages?”, It sounded

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