Guinea registered over 1000 confirmed cases of covid-19

The daily press briefing of the health authorities revealed on Sunday that the number of infected people in Guinea had passed 1000 cases.

The Ministry of Health authorized to publish the figures indicated on Sunday via the ANSS (the National Health Security Agency) that a total of 1,098 people tested positive. The balance sheet, which reports 98 new positive cases, notes that seven people died as a result of the coronavirus.

Among the seven deceased are high-ranking personalities, including the president of the Electoral Commission, Me Amadou Salif Kébé, and the Secretary-General of the Government, Sékou Kourouma.

A predominantly Muslim country, Guinea, ruled since 2011 by President Alpha Condé, has just emerged from an epidemic of Ebola fever that has grieved thousands of families, officially causing some 2,500 deaths. This country, like almost all African states, has taken extraordinary measures to curb the coronavirus pandemic.

Mosques and churches, borders, and schools have been closed—a night curfew as well as restrictions on regrouping. In addition, wearing a mask has been made compulsory.

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