Guinea to use Russian software in all its schools

The Guinean government has signed a protocol of intent to transfer licenses of educational software from the Russian company MoiOfis, announced the CEO of the group Dmitry Komissarov at the International Economic Forum in St. Petersburg, the first major post-Covid face-to-face congress in Russia.

Guinean schools will be able to receive 300,000 licenses of the “Education” software over the next ten years following the signing of a protocol of intent by the Guinean Minister of National Education and Literacy Bano Barry, and an African distributor of the Russian computer company MoiOfis (“My Office”), the company’s CEO Dmitry Komissarov said on June 3 at the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum (SPIEF 2021).

The product of the Russian programmers should help the Republic of Guinea to realize an ambitious national project of digitalization of the country, especially with regard to the integration of information technologies in school education.

“Guinean schools are gradually receiving new computers, and we will finalize the modernization of school technical equipment within the next ten years. At the same time, we are updating the curriculum to provide a single educational standard for all educational institutions in Guinea.”

“It is important to us that software can run on all computers and mobile devices, hence the care with which we choose existing solutions. MoiOfis desktop software can be installed on all platforms and fully meets our requirements. Its use will help us achieve our goals more quickly and start this year the application of the secure Russian software,” announced the Guinean Minister of National Education.

According to the World Bank, the MoiOfis executive director said Guinea was one of the few African countries with more than 91% of children in school.

“The population of the country is growing every year and now amounts to 13 million people. The Guinean government is interested in providing its citizens with quality education and strives to make it accessible, to equip schools with modern technologies,” emphasized Dmitry Komissarov.

Apart from cooperation with Guinea, this Russian IT company is developing links with the Republic of Burundi. A MoiOfis distributor and the Burundian technology company INGO Tech signed a contract the same day to sell the Russian software for an amount of 2.5 million euros.

First Russian post-Covid forum

The mentioned projects were finalized at the International Economic Forum, which is being held in St. Petersburg on June 3-5, 2021. This is a major annual event in the Russian political and economic calendar that is organized under patronage and with the personal participation of President Putin.

SPIEF 2019, the last edition of the forum before the Covid-19 pandemic, was attended by more than 19,000 participants from 145 countries who took part in more than 230 meetings and discussions and signed, in front of the eyes of almost 5,000 journalists, 745 contracts worth about 37 billion euros.

SPIEF 2021 became the first face-to-face forum to be held in Russia in the post-Covid era. The main theme of the 24th edition of the event is “Together again. The economy of the new reality” and is held in compliance with Russian and international health safety measures.

SPIEF 2021 organizers have also strengthened the technical capacity to participate in the program online and follow it remotely.

The Russian head of state Vladimir Putin, traditionally present at SPIEF, spoke at the forum on Friday, June 4.

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