Here are the 6 major signs that show your husband is ready to have an affair

In a healthy and loving marriage, it is important to trust your partner implicitly. Yet at some point your lover may be tempted to go astray, and it’s important to know the warning signs

London-based Dr. Amy Iverson has recently revealed to Femail the six major signs that precede an affair. And if you are in a relationship or not, it is important to take note.

What does his education reveal?
It should not be surprising that men from broken families with a history of infidelity are more likely to cheat. If your man comes from an abusive, strict or troubled family, he is also more likely to go astray.

What does his previous behaviour tell you?
Does your partner have a history of infidelity? Is he addicted to porn or sexting? These can be early signs of a predisposition to infidelity.

Also take a look at his social circle: does he have many friends or relatives who have been unfaithful to their partners? His reaction to the people with whom he is close and their behaviour of infidelity will reveal where his morality is.

What’s going on in his life now?
Getting fired, promoted or retired can also affect a man’s self-confidence and interest in exploring sexual opportunities. Surprisingly, death is also a powerful aphrodisiac and can make the idea of a business more attractive.

Behavioural changes?
The behaviour of a man is most likely to change and be affected at the beginning of the bond. Suddenly, he could spend a lot more time on his appear ance. A new haircut, aftershave or an obsession to train are all tell-tale signs.

Other obvious signs, such as taking calls in a different room and getting heavily involved in social media, should also be taken into account. At the beginning of an affair, it’s your chance to catch it. He will be in a euphoric and less subtle state than later. So, watch for a radical change in behaviour.

Is your relationship different?
Ask yourself: Do I feel that something is different or obscure in this relationship Is your man more critical, irritated or nervous? Often, a man who considers infidelity will need to justify his decision on the emotional level, and this is how he will come out. He may be in a bad mood.

The prospect of a bond will most certainly affect your sex life. Rather than fleeing sex, he may have an increased libido. Alternatively, he could turn away from you.

What has changed in your life?
Changes in your own life, however, can cause him to go astray. If they feel neglected or unloved, men are more open to the prospect of deception. The call to adultery is often his own innate need to feel special once again.

Ask yourself: have I neglected my partner? Do children take my time, or do I no longer invest in our relationship? Anything that makes him feel less important than in the past could contribute to the likelihood that he is cheating on you.

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