High temperatures: ways to cool body without air conditioning

So how do we “fight” it at home when we do not have air conditioning or when we want to avoid the many hours of use so that the bill does not swell? There are solutions, and we present them to you below. Follow them, and you will not lose.

Take a cold bath

The first step is to take a cold shower or bath. Fill the tub with ice water and sit for a few minutes. It will refresh and cool you.

Put foil on the windows

If you do not have curtains or blinds (or if you have), the most effective way to reduce the temperature in your home is to put foil on the windows.

Because it reflects the sun (the glossy side must be outwards), no light passes through. It commonly significantly reduces the heat of the house just because it blocks the sun.

Eat cool things

Prefer to eat something frozen: a granita, an ice cream, a jelly. According to experts, this will not drop the temperature of someone who is at risk of overheating or has already suffered but will feel better.

Do not forget to hydrate

It’s the most essential tip, but many still drink a little water. Experts say that if you get too hot and your urine is dark, it may be an indication that you need immediate hydration.

Hydration does not bring immediate relief unless you drink ice water. However, when it is scorching outside, your body puts a lot of effort and sweats a lot. Proper hydration (three to four liters per day) helps the body function optimally.

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