Hopeful: no new infections in Chinese Hubei province for four days

In the Chinese province of Hubei, where the new coronavirus first broke out in December last year, no new infections have emerged for the fourth day in a row. The Chinese health authorities announce that.

There were six deaths across China in the past 24 hours, three more than the previous 24 hours. Forty-six people were infected, against 41 a day earlier. According to the authorities, in recent days, it concerns people who have been affected by covid-19 outside the country.

More than 13,000 deaths worldwide

Eighty-one thousand fifty-four cases of contamination are now known across China, and 3,261 people are killed. The public life scrambles meanwhile slowly. This partly regained freedom contrasts sharply with travel restrictions, lockdowns, and curfews in the rest of the world.

Globally, the total number of contamination cases passed 300,000 on Saturday, and more than 13,000 died. In Italy, nearly 800 people were killed within a day on Saturday. The country also has the most fatalities to date: 4,825.

Drastic measures

The borders around Wuhan city, the seat of the coronavirus, remain locked. But public life in the province is flourishing again. Supermarkets and shops sell fresh fruit and vegetables. Each family has a pass that allows someone to shop for up to two hours. No new infections were detected in Wuhan for the third day in a row. 

Beijing is taking drastic measures to combat new infections from abroad. All flights from abroad are directed to three airports in northern China for the control and possible reception of infected passengers. These are Tianjin, Taiyuan, and Hothot (Inner Mongolia). Healthy passengers are only allowed to travel to Beijing after the check.

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