How do you ask her to be your girlfriend?

Making a relationship ‘official’ is something you do when right. Timing is everything, but you also need to learn how to ask a lady to be your girlfriend. Of course, you want her to say yes. Read here 10 tips on how to ask her to be your girlfriend.

Why and when do you ask the other to confirm the relationship?

To ask a lady if she wants to be your girlfriend, you must have been in contact for a while. The next stage is dating, and after that, you can confirm the relationship. You can’t just walk up to a lady and ask to be your girlfriend. So if you’ve been dating her for a while, read right on, and we’ll tell you how to ask a lady to be your girlfriend by confirming the relationship.

Of course, you don’t have to ask for a relationship, but if you want it, you can. Chances are you’re probably at the same stage as this thought occurs to you. You’ve been dating for a while now, and you like each other more and more. Is it time to take the next step?

But why would you ask her for a relationship? When you ask her to be your girlfriend, you show her that you are ready for a commitment. If you are officially in a relationship, you may soon meet her friends and family and vice versa. These things show you if this relationship is meant for the long haul.

How do you ask her to be your girlfriend?

Now the time has come, and it’s time to ask her ‘courtship’. Check out the 10 tips on how to do that.

Do not hurry

You don’t want to make any hasty decisions, especially regarding love. Take the time for each other and look at it per phase. Talk about what you both want in the future before opening up without wanting the same thing.

Don’t get down on one knee

It’s only the first step to ask if she wants to be your girlfriend. By getting down on one knee or coming up with an elaborate proposal idea to tell her you like her, you may be able to scare her off with your exaggerated behaviour.

Make it memorable

Expressing your feelings is often enough to tell them. You don’t always have to show off or spend money. Sure, you can do something special, but you don’t have to go over the top.

Take her on a romantic date

A romantic dinner is always a good time to ask her out, but it doesn’t always have to be. Not everyone finds that fun or special. So do something that you know she’ll enjoy anyway. Do something romantic and memorable for the two of you together.

Give her something small and nice

Once you’ve found the time to label your situation, you can give her a little something. Sometimes the cheapest gifts can be the most cherished and loved. Pick something fun and special that can create a memory. Sometimes small gestures can be enough. Don’t surprise her with a mega (expensive) gift; later in the relationship, you can.

Be yourself

Be yourself, don’t do things that don’t suit you. It’s not a good start to pretend that you are something that you are not at all. Therefore be yourself, and if the other does not accept that, they will not suit you.

Write a love letter

If you’re bad at talking about your feelings, you can write her a letter. It’s a beautiful way to let her know how much she means to you, and it’s something that shows how far you’d go to put a smile on her face.

Have a conversation

If you want to ask a lady to be your girlfriend properly, you don’t have to ask her and then have a casual conversation. Make the moment feel special. Talk about why you feel this way, how she makes you feel, and what that means for both of you.

Just say how you feel

If you tell her how you feel, she will naturally talk about her feelings. What matters is that you have expressed your feelings. If you don’t get a response back yet, she may not know it yet. Ask her how she feels and if she needs time. Don’t pressure her.

Say those three words (if you really feel that way)

If you’re ready and really feel that way, you can tell her that you love her. It may seem fast, but you don’t have to hold back for the perfect moment. If you’ve been feeling it for a while and you think she feels the same way, let it go.

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