How I escaped from White House – Michelle Obama

The former first lady, Michelle Obama was so keen to celebrate with her fellow citizens the legalization of gay marriage that she tried to sneak out of the White House to join them. That said the former first lady Thursday in The Ellen DeGeneres Show, the American talk show, presented by Ellen DeGeneres. She presented her book “Becoming” there.

On 26 June 2015, the Supreme Court ruled that the constitution of the United States gives couples of the same sex the right to marry, effectively legalizing gay marriage. As a result, many people came together to celebrate in different places in America, many people gathered at the White House. After the legalization of gay marriage, the White House was illuminated in the rainbow colours in order to show their support to the LGBT + community.

“I have to go out, I want to be part of the party.” Says Michelle Obama, former American first lady.

“When you’re in the White House, there’s so much bulletproof glass that you cannot hear what’s going on outside,” said Michelle Obama. “We were dining and we heard that there were celebrations going on, but we did not realize that thousands of people gathered for the White House to celebrate. The staff called me and told me that everyone was celebrating and crying. I really wanted to be there. We even made sure that the White House was lit up in the rainbow colours, that was really beautiful!”

Former first lady: “I was watching television and realized that I had to leave the White House. I said, “I have to go out, I want to be part of the party.” So, I had the brilliant idea to go outside too.” She asked her husband Barack to come with her. “He said: ‘Honey, I really have too much work. I cannot go out, you know that.” Then he joked: “And now from my office,”” says Michelle.

Closed door

Their daughter Sasha also did not want to join her. Malia on the other hand wanted to join. “So, me and Malia were trying to get out of the White House. We realized that, that was not so easy, but we were determined”, says Michelle. “I said: ‘We do not listen to anyone. You and I just go outside’.” We left the residence and arrived at the elevator where there is usually a security guard. He saw that we wanted to leave and informed the other security people. I pursed and decided that we would not take the elevator anyway.”

Malia and Michelle hurried off the stairs and the security guard began to follow them, as did other staff. Until they arrived at a closed front door. “Malia said: ‘We are going to do this, mamma, you will get outside!’”, Says Michelle. “But the door was closed and suddenly several employees were behind us. The doorman asked what we were planning and I said we wanted to go outside. He said, “Madam, if you walk out now, all the cameras will be on you.” I was wearing shorts and a t-shirt without shoes. I was not even painted. I thought, “You’re right. I do not want to be filmed and photographed in this way.”

Mother-daughter moment

“But in the end the good news: we’ve gotten outside”, she continues. “It took a total of fifteen minutes to get outside, but we succeeded. Mind you, we were on the other side, with security people around us, so nobody could see us. But we stood outside with the cheering crowd, that’s what I wanted. I really enjoyed sharing that feeling with Malia. I held her and I felt! We are moving forward. There is change going on!”

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