How to be an interesting person

We all have different ideas of what a person should be to call him interesting. Nevertheless, there are still some basic signs that can distinguish a bore from a company’s soul. If you want to become more interesting for others, read this article

We usually call interesting those people who always have a couple of stories or jokes for any situation; those who are optimistic, have unusual hobbies, talents, and skills. People who will always support the conversation and cheer up are drawn to know better; you want to be friends with such people. They are listened to, and their opinion often becomes the leading one in the company.

Do not hang your nose if you are not sure that all this applies to you. The following methods are sure to help you become an interesting personality.

10 ways to be an interesting person

1. Learn new things

How to be an interesting person

Boring people differ from extraordinary people in that they have no curiosity about the world around them and are not interested in anything but themselves. Therefore, your first step will be to search for areas you really would like to understand. It would help if you had hobbies, topics that you were ready to talk about for hours. An enthusiastic person attracts to himself, and it is not so important what exactly he does.

You can try your hand at creativity, sports, science – yes, anything! The main thing is that you should be interested. Just start reading more, watching, listening, talking to different people, traveling. The more new you learn, the more areas will appear in which you want to develop. Don’t get hung up on just one thing, either. Try to find different opinions about everything and look at familiar things from a new angle. A broad outlook and innovative thinking will only benefit.

2. Share knowledge

When your searches bear fruit in the form of new knowledge and skills, do not be afraid to share them with others. “Imagine that you and I each have an apple. If we exchange them, then everyone will have one apple. But if we exchange ideas in the same way, everyone will have as many as two ”- this phrase is the meaning of communication.

By communicating, you will acquire even more knowledge, and when you share them, you will become richer spiritually. The craving for knowledge always commands respect, so when you are open to exchanging useful ideas, people will begin to relate to you in a completely different way, especially if you express your thoughts competently and interestingly. The more lively your speech will be and the more interesting facts you can tell, the larger your audience will become.

3. Notice the best features in yourself

You have probably heard that we are all unique, and inside each of us, there is a real Universe of thoughts, qualities, ideas. But do you take these words seriously? If not, it’s time to change your mind. After all, as long as you consider yourself an ordinary person, others will see you. If you cannot find why you need to be friends with yourself, how will the other person see it behind your insecurities?

It is worth fighting with all the weaknesses, despondency, dislike for yourself, and the habit of belittling your dignity. They prevent you from becoming a truly bright personality that can attract people. You probably have a lot of great character traits, and after completing step 1, you will also have an exciting hobby. Always remember your best qualities and appreciate them, then others will notice them.

4. Listen to others

When you talk with a person, how you listen to him, what questions you ask plays a very important role. When you allow others to talk about themselves, to feel interesting, unique, important, they feel the same way about you. A person fixated only on herself, no matter how many stories she tells, on the contrary, does not seem interesting at all. Narcissism only causes irritation and a desire to end the conversation quickly.

5. Accept your weirdness

We have already noted that you need to love your virtues. But what to do with features that do not seem to belong to them but, on the contrary, seem strange? Well, they also need to be accepted. There is such strangeness in every interesting person – a zest that distinguishes him from the crowd. Being “not like everyone else” is very cool. Of course, strangeness should not be frightening and should be within decency bounds.

But some funny features of speech, gait, style, even the habit of stirring sugar in tea strangely – all attract attention and create the image of an interesting person. There is no need to deal with such features, especially if they do not interfere with you in any way. Girls, too, first of all, pay attention to men with a twist, even if they are far from handsome. After all, unique features make up a unique personality.

6. Always be yourself

An interesting personality stands out from the crowd because it does not follow the majority’s lead, has its own opinion, makes decisions independently, and defends its principles. You don’t have to adapt to how you behave in a company if you don’t like it, just to fit in. On the contrary, interested people themselves set the style for others.

If you like certain music, style of dress, activities, then don’t give them up just because someone else thinks it’s unfashionable. If you constantly follow trends, you will get lost among the monotonous masses, which is not what you want to achieve. Of course, protesting something because of its popularity to show that you are “not like that” is stupid. After all, there can also be great things that you like among the trends. Your opinion should be not unique but also justified, then it will be respected.

7. Do not be afraid of someone else’s opinion

Being an interesting person means constantly defending your point of view, taking risks, trying the unknown. If you are afraid to do this, you will remain an ordinary person. No one is interested in a person who is constantly in the comfort zone and is afraid to go beyond it, who walks along the same beaten paths and never takes risks.

Yes, at first, it will be difficult, but you will learn not to pay attention to someone else’s opinion over time. After all, often, it’s just envy and fear of your freedom. If someone says that you are doing wrong, he probably wants to but is terribly afraid to do the same.

8. Travel as much as possible

How to be an interesting person

Exploring new experiences and learning about diverse cultures might help you become more interested in the tiny distinctions that exist between individuals of different origins or nationalities

Knowing how these differences influence others and yourself may sometimes help others feel more at ease in your presence.

This will also provide you with a better understanding of how your hobbies might manifest themselves in various parts of the world.

Make your next vacation something out of the ordinary. Travel to an unusual location and engage in activities that you would not typically engage in. This might involve activities such as hiking, surfing, mountain climbing, or going on a jungle safari, to name a few examples.

9. Avoid those you don’t want to be like

You probably don’t want to belong to one of these categories: Whiners, cowards, bores. Therefore, try to minimize communication with such people. It will be a thankless undertaking no matter how you try to cheer them up. They can infect anyone with their indecision, longing, and pessimism. If it does not work out, they will be offended and try to cause a feeling of guilt. Therefore, surround yourself with interesting, bright, bold people to become the same.

10. Joke

A sense of humor is a universal “weapon” that can break the ice in any situation. People are always more drawn to those who can make you laugh and cheer you up in difficult times. Of course, it’s not worth spouting jokes without stopping. Jokes must be appropriate. In one situation and company, you can joke about one thing- another in a different setting. To train your sense of humor, hang out with funny people, watch stand-up comedians, and keep practicing.

Being an interesting person is not so difficult. You need to be a person in every sense of the word: love your strengths, accept your flaws, not give in to other people’s opinions, do what you like, and succeed in it. If you enjoy life and are not bored alone with yourself, other people will notice this and pull themselves up.

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